Five Travel Clothing Essentials

Whether you’re planning a quick week-long trip to Monaco, or a longer adventure to the USA, knowing how to pack and what to pack is of crucial importance. It’s very easy to envisage all types of different travel scenarios and thinking that you have to pack for every single one. And therefore, it’s very easy to overpack. In the interests of traveling light and moving fast, we’re going to look at some clothing items that are absolutely essential to travel but can be used in a multitude of different ways.

A warm and lightweight jacket

Perhaps one of the most important items on this list is a warm and lightweight jacket. It’s important for a number of reasons, and often gets overlooked especially when planning travels to warmer climates such as South East Asia. But even the hottest countries occasionally get cold fronts, and when that happens you’re going to be very thankful that you packed something warm. Down jackets from brands like UNIQLO are ideal for this purpose as they’re lightweight, warm, and can fold up into a very small space.

Waterproof boots

If you’re planning on traveling anywhere that gets even moderate amounts of rainfall then it can’t be stressed enough how much waterproof boots will save your life. When you’re carrying all of your traveling gear and attire on your back, having a pair of boots that have a solid grip and separate you from the muddy ground is going to give you massive peace of mind. If you’re unsure about where to look but want a few different choices, Zalando has quite a broad range of different Wellies that are worth looking at. Wellies are ideal not only because they’ll keep you dry up to your knees, but they’ll ensure you look pretty damn stylish while doing so.

wellington boots

A solid pair of sneakers

Traveling and excessive walking are pretty much synonyms. If you’re going to be exploring a country then there’s no doubt that much of this exploration is going to be done on foot. That being the case, it’s crucial that you invest in a pair of sneakers that are comfortable and will support you through a long day of walking. Most reliable sneaker brands such as Nike, Asics, Adidas, or Puma should be able to sort you out on this front, but if you want to get a bit more in-depth about your selection, check out this guide to picking the best travel shoe.

Merino wool tops

Merino wool is a godsend for travelers and great for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it’s extremely warm, which means even a thin top will insulate you well. Secondly, it regulates temperature, making it an extremely versatile contender in hot weather. And lastly, merino wool wears longer without odors and actually contains natural antibacterial properties. This makes it a firm favorite among hikers who may need to wear their clothes for a couple of sweaty days without being able to clean them.

A hat or baseball cap

No matter where you travel (unless you’re off to some subterranean destination), you’re always going to have the sun to contend with. To keep your eyes in the shade and stop your face from burning, it’s prudent to invest in a hat or baseball cap.

hat for holidays


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