How do I know that the baby is not cold at night?

baby feet

The most worrying experience for most parents is when their baby gets overheated or become so cold. With these conditions, the baby’s night will be quite uncomfortable. Plus, they may spur other health risks like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The following tips will help you detect the body temperature changes. Then, you can take proper action to ensure your little one gets a good sleep.

Feeling the hands and feet

The typical way to know your baby’s temperature is by feeling their hands and feet. Most babies are prone to having cold hands because their circulatory system isn’t mature enough. When they are asleep, it’s quite challenging for them to feel bothered with the cold paws. So, the parent must ensure the baby gets the warmth they deserve.

In such cases, a sleeping sack that covers the hands is the best choice. Plus, use mittens and socks to keep their hands and feet warm and comfy. When you buy your baby girl clothes, be sure they are soft and have thermals to keep them cosy and prevent overheating.

Check the room’s temperature

Usually, a suitable temperature for a baby’s room ranges from 19 to 21 degrees. So, you should always take the temperature readings of your child’s sleeping room to determine if they are comfortable enough. However, this may vary depending on how cold or hot the exterior weather conditions are. Let your baby sleep in a crib with soft and comfortable cotton or fleece when it is cold outside. You can also wrap warm your kid should you find a drop in the temperature readings.

Low crib temperatures

During winter periods, there is a light wind that flows from the windows, decreasing the room temperature. That’s why you will find the baby’s crib relatively colder than the readings from your main floor’s thermostat. Therefore, the crib fails to keep your baby warm as required making them cold. The best solution is to set the crib away from the window and if possible, between the walls. By doing so, your baby will not get the chill brought in by drafts.

The baby is joyful

Seeing your baby laughing, playful and joyful before getting asleep is an indication of cosiness. Thus, in turn, implies that the baby is warm enough. On the other hand, a silent and still infant it is probably due to cold body temperatures. So, be sure to allow your infant to have skin to skin contact with your body. After that, dress you, little girl, with warm baby girl clothes, and wrap them with warm blankets; do the same for the little man but with boys clothes, to give them sufficient warmth.


The best way to know your baby isn’t cold is to feel their hands and feet with your hand. The other methods discussed above can help you understand if the infant is cold or not. If you want your baby to sleep well and stay healthy, make sure you provide cosy yet warm clothing and bedding.


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