What Your Website Could Be Missing

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Getting your website set up is just the first step on to the ladder towards online greatness. It’s what you do with your website after ad how you improve it that will be the making or breaking of your chance at success.

The smallest of changes can make the greatest difference online, which is why it’s important to make sure that every element of your website is being formed with your audience in mind. Let’s explore some simple ways to make your website perform to the maximum.

Good Communication

Possibly the most frequently overlooked section of the website is the written content and imagery. It’s easy to think that including lots of text about everything you know about your industry will be valuable to your audience when in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Small pieces of informative text spread throughout several pages on your website will help users to have a more satisfying experience using your website. Your audience won’t understand industry terminology as well as you do, so it needs to be relatable to them. How does your product or service benefit them? Where are you located? What are your company ethics?

Panic writing is common when you have so much you want to get across in one go but hiring a copywriter to create audience focussed content can ensure you’re not wasting their time or yours.

An Identity

Giving your audience an honest representation of yourself is the easiest way to attract clients.

This means avoiding stock images because they do not give an accurate or honest representation of your company. Though they are high quality, it shows that you have opted for a quicker option which will make your audience be distrusting of you as a brand and what you represent.

What you need is some professional images taken of your staff, products/services, and your location. Only audiences will be sceptical if you’re a new brand so it’s vital that you make and honest first impression.


You will be astounded to discover the number of competitors you’re going to be up against online.

Most users never get passed the first page on Google before finding what they’re looking for so you either need to have a strategy to link them straight to your website or you need to boost your rankings through organic web development.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be such helpful tools when you need to take the next towards achieving the goals of your website. By creating eye catching graphics and a small amount of content which links to the full article on your website, you can gently nudge your audience where you want them to go.

The alternative is to utilise Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click strategies to give your website the push it needs to be on the first page of Google, and then onto the top rankings. Don’t give your audience a chance to see the competition, be there as soon as hit enter.

Let’s remember you are running a business alongside your website and one of them has to take priority. Stockport website design makes sure that you can continue giving one hundred per cent to your business whilst they give one hundred per cent to making your website perform to its optimum levels and hitting every target you set for your business.

Responsive web design takes the pressure away from thinking you have to know everything about digital marketing as well as your own industry. When you hire a digital agency you get copywriters, graphic designers, and web developers in one place, working in harmony to help you succeed online.


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