Lifestyles Change, Flooring Doesn’t Need To

vinyl floor

With the roaring twenties suddenly feeling more like a state of sluggishness, people have had to adapt to ever changing regimens to their lifestyle with the advent of being at home more than ever before.

Whilst people are changing their lifestyle constantly, the one aspect of their life that doesn’t have to change frequently can be with flooring options. In this case it can be the easy and durable option of Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT).

It is true that vinyl flooring is a very cheap alternative to carpet, laminate, wood or stone options but that does not mean the product is cheap in design and easy at fault. In fact, Vinyl has many properties that provide security, comfort and above all else a professional look that will outlast any other flooring choices.

For one, luxury vinyl flooring does not require a professional body to install, whether its planks or tile you prefer. Simple use of adhesives for tiles or clicking together planks within minutes saves you time and expenditure before anything else.

Cleaning your floor is also a cheap exercise as any household mop, sponge and sweep retains the original charming look of vinyl from the day first installed. Food spillages, dirt or liquids don’t leave a trace when cleaned up straight away and you are protected from any leaking through the boards or tiles with waterproof technologies. Not many carpets can compete with that boast.

For those who have excitable pets and children at home even more these days have extra benefits in anti scratch technologies ensuring that claw and toy marks will not leave a lasting impression and require covering up.

With the times requiring people spending more time at home, including working from home, regular flooring can take a beating from excessive daily traffic. Thankfully, those investing in LVT have found that the cushioned durability has meant that the flooring has remained equal and not come apart from frequent use.

When it comes to sheer wealth of designs, textures and palettes vinyl has your floor covered in more ways than one. Try thousands.

What most people want from luxury vinyl is to have it indistinguishable from the real thing. So if it is light or dark wood, stone or slate or even ceramic in its feel, you can get a product that perfectly resembles its real life counterpart.

When it comes to suppliers for vinyl flooring you have plenty of specialists to choose from with some more popular than others.

Amtico is a market leading brand that specialises in ranges to make your home more contemporary and give a classic feel all year around. From signature woods to spacia stone, Amtico brings you that much closer to full comfort at home.

Luvanto is an increasingly popular brand that brings auras of creativity to any living space with its fantastic and visually inspiring ranges from Click to Endure Pro. Whatever your home requires, Luvanto provides eye catching designs that give character you didn’t know your home could bring about. Invictus knows how to capture the best parts of nature and place them in your home for you to love for many years. Invictus has also made natural elements adaptable with layering and bordering pattern options.

No matter what the future holds and how your lifestyle is affected, you can be sure that Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) brings a stability that your life at home now requires long after the current state ends.


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