What year of marriage is most common to get divorced?

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All the couples would like their marriages to be happy, fulfilling and to last forever. Sadly, in many cases it turns out to be impossible and a lot of problems occur. However, they don’t always need to lead to a divorce – sometimes the differences strengthen the relationship. It doesn’t mean, though, that every dispute can be overlooked. There are many factors that indicate the possibility of a divorce in a relationship. What are they and when do they end up in a divorce most often?


The beginnings of a relationships, so around the first year of marriage or engagement, are usually satisfying for both partners. This is the time of fascination, affection and happiness. In this time partners rarely decide to end their relationship, unless something really unexpected happens.

The most important period

Psychologists say that couples are most likely to divorce within the first few years after they get married. Why? It’s probably the time when the routine kicks in, partners lack mutual fascination, or they simply have some financial or other down-to-earth problems. This is also a time when many people think of having a baby, which can be problematic for some people, either in biological or mental terms. All these things lead to quarrels and really often end up in a divorce. What’s more, partners may not have their own methods of going through conflicts yet. If you feel that it’s a right moment to end your marriage, but you’re still scared of the whole process, take a look at Survive Divorce to get some valuable tips on that.

Later years

It’s often said that if a marriage survives the first five years, it will last forever. Of course, problems and misunderstandings can always happen, but along with the time spent together, the couples usually work out their coping mechanisms, compromise methods and simply know each other better. It all facilitates solving the problems and minimises the risk of a divorce.  To find some tips on how to improve your marriage life, have a look here.

It turns out that the first few years of a marriage are the most crucial period for the couple. It is the time when they learn to help each other, understand mutual needs and if this time is used properly, it can strengthen the relationship. If not – it is likely to end up in court.

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