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Different situations affect our lives, and unfortunately, some of them can be very dramatic. Dissolution of marriage is just such an event. Any relationship can break up for reasons independent of the couple. But it depends on the spouses what their separation will be. If the husband and wife are willing to cooperate, they can even get an online divorce.

Usually, online divorce means a website that helps spouses fill out all the necessary forms. And this system is very convenient and has already proven its effectiveness. It is as affordable divorce and works quite simply. One of the spouses is registered on the website of the company, which provides a divorce via the Internet, and answers all questions about their marriage and termination, which the system offers. Questions vary depending on the state and circumstances of the family. After the user sends all his answers to the system, it begins generating divorce documents. First, all the necessary forms that correspond to the features of the dissolution are selected, after which they are filled out under the requirements of the law. When all the divorce papers are ready, they are sent to the client along with the instruction on what steps need to be taken further.

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Getting a divorce online now is very popular and inexpensive. But you should pay attention to the fact that not all couples are eligible to apply for a marriage dissolution via the Internet. So let’s see who has the right to complete forms online. In all states, there are two types of dissolution: contested and uncontested. A contested marriage dissolution involves attending court hearings to deal with all the controversial issues that the spouses have. Such a marriage termination can last more than one year and be very expensive since most of the amount goes to pay for the services of a lawyer who protects the interests of the client before the court. An uncontested dissolution is a complete opposite. Couples who are willing to cooperate to reach a compromise on all disputes over their termination are entitled to an uncontested separation. With this type of easy divorce, the husband and wife will not need to participate in several court hearings. Usually, the judge signs a decree at the first hearing. Also, it is allowed to get an easy termination without the help of a lawyer.

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An uncontested dissolution implies that the husband and wife can independently resolve disagreements that are related to their termination, namely, separation of the common property and debts, custody of common minor children, agree on the financial support of the child, as well as decide on alimony. If there are any other contentious issues, they must also be resolved. In the case of uncontested separation, spouses can independently fill out all necessary papers. It is absolutely legal, and a lawyer is not required. Such dissolution is also known as Pro Se.

Spouses who are ready to compromise and are willing to prepare all divorce forms without an attorney are qualified for online divorce.

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Online preparation of forms is a very convenient and low-cost way to get all the necessary documents for the court. But there is nothing perfect in the world. And to put together a real idea of it, let’s deal with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of getting a divorce online:

  1. The first thing that immediately stands out is the relatively low price for such services. On average, the assistance of a lawyer to prepare the form will cost about $ 1000, and sometimes even up to $ 3000. Online forms preparation services cost an average of $ 300, although the price varies depending on the web site. At the same time, lawyers and companies that provide online divorce do almost the same work. And it looks like completing papers via the internet is cost-effective.
  2. With the help such web site, you can get quality paper fairly quickly. All necessary forms are selected and filled out following the circumstances of the pair. Besides, many such web sites have lawyers who check documents prepared by the system before they are sent to the client. Therefore, the risk of getting incorrect papers is minimal. And it is much more convenient than filling out forms yourself. Because if you sue documents that contain mistakes or do not correspond to the peculiarities of a termination, the court will reject them and will not consider the case.
  3. When you contact a lawyer for help, you will need to get a number. Since you are not his only client, you will have to wait for your turn. Depending on the workload of a lawyer, the waiting period may be different. Web sites prepare all the necessary papers in two business days. For an additional fee, you can get ready-made forms within one business day.
  4. All the necessary papers can be obtained from the comfort of your home. To fill out the forms, you do not need to go anywhere. It is enough to open the Internet from any your device and go the website of a company that offers to prepare documents. Also, the process of answering questions is very user-friendly. After the system prepares the papers, they will be sent on the email or to the mailbox. And you do not need to make expensive calls to the lawyer’s office to deal with all questions.
  5. It is available to complete papers online in all states, and even in Canada. The laws of each state have their differences. But most of the platforms take into account all these nuances and calibrates their system under the law. However, this is only done if the company that offers forms preparation service online is reliable.
  6. Online divorce companies provide clients with instructions on what steps to do to file with the court. And this is really useful because you will know what to do next and you will not commit unnecessary actions.

Cons of getting a divorce online:

  1. Such web sites do not provide legal assistance. Many people mistakenly think that online divorce web sited can also advise on legal issues. This is not true. All that those web sites can do is to prepare necessary papers that need to be filed with the court. If you have questions about the division of property or you do not know how to solve the problem with alimony, you need to contact a lawyer.
  2. Online forms preparation service is only for simple situations. Sometimes couples believe that they are ready for an uncontested dissolution of marriage, but in the process of filling the papers, it turns out that the spouses cannot solve specific issues. In this case, again, you need to seek help from a lawyer, since doing papers online is appropriate when the husband and wife already have a compromise.
  3. Not all web sites can be trusted. On the Internet, you can also find a lot of scammers who provide low-quality papers and do not return the money. Before entering your credit card details, carefully review the platform you will work with. Read what reviews users write about it on other web sites.
  4. Some web sites have hidden fees. Therefore, you should be very careful; otherwise, the cost of an online divorce may be the same as the services of a lawyer.
  5. Unfortunately, not all companies provide quality services. Some web sites have outdated forms, and some contain errors in the system and inconsistencies with the law. It will be sad if it turns out in the courtroom, and your case will be rejected. Therefore, to avoid such stressful situations, you need to examine all the information available about the company you choose. If you still have doubts, it is probably better to ask an attorney to help.
  6. Note that online divorce does not mean that a web site will file all documents with a court instead of you. You still have to go to the county clerk’s office to register your case. In just a few states, it is possible to file for divorce online using an e-filling system.

To get a dissolution through the Internet is a very convenient and cheap way to terminate a marriage. Besides, this service helps to save time. Of course, many couples have already gone through an online divorce and were amazed at how affordable and easy it is. But unfortunately, this method is not for everyone. Online forms preparation web site can be used when it comes to an uncontested dissolution. But even if the termination is amicable, a web site with an online divorce cannot always help. Moreover, with an uncontested separation, some spouses may require consultation with a lawyer or assistance in resolving controversial issues. It is also worth noting that husband and wife can not always decipher complex matters like division of common property or custody of common minor children. Quite often, specialists are involved in solving these issues, which help the couple find the right solution. So, despite all its affordability, online forms preparation service is a good idea only if both spouses have found a compromise.


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