Taboo things you might as well buy online

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There are particular items that many people would not purchase in public. As a result, most folks would rather shop online for these products than have to suffer the embarrassment of having to be seen at a brick and mortar store. The convenience alongside the easy product comparison offered by online shopping simply cannot be beaten.

Thanks to the growing number of e-commerce stores, human beings today have become accustomed to shopping online for most product categories including groceries and food. Let’s be honest here- is there anyone that hasn’t spent time idly scrolling around their favorite online stores creating a wish list of things you want to buy when you get access to a little extra money?

Although online shopping is one of the most cathartic experiences in life, there is another major reason why people opt to shop online. Online shopping gives you the power to order anything embarrassing without having to interact with anyone from the public. Best of all, anything questionable that you order will most likely be delivered right outside your door in an ordinary brown box and none will be the wiser as to what is inside.

There are certain products, although vital for day to day life that can be extremely humiliating when purchased in person. We’re talking everything from butt acne creams and condoms to flatulence filtering underwear. Basically, anything that would be shoved to the bottom of the cart as you check out, hoping with all your might that the person standing next to you at the register doesn’t give you a look, is best bought online. 

Of course, brick and mortar retail stores still have a special place in our hearts. But as far as we are concerned the internet was created so we can buy embarrassing things stress-free. To that end, here are some embarrassing things you might as well buy online:

Flatulence filtering underwear/ fart filters

Do you have a flatulence problem? It doesn’t matter what name it goes by; farting, gas or passing wind, but farts are the butt of so many jokes. When the body’s internal horn plays a little too loudly for everyone to hear, it can be embarrassing even though it is the most natural thing you can do.

Truth be told, people fart a lot, often without attracting unwanted attention. For most individuals, this is not a problem. However, if the amount of gas that you produce is making you uncomfortable, one of the things that you can try to remedy the problem is to wear flatulence filtering underwear. Flatulence filtering underwear is manufactured using a layer of a material called Zorflex, which is an activated carbon cloth that eliminates the stink from gaseous emissions. 

Sex toys

Buying sex toys can be an extremely daunting venture, particularly given the untoward stigma and misapprehension associated with these gadgets. Rather than visit a physical sex store to purchase a dildo or any other sex-related thingamajig, most people would much rather open up an incognito tab and order whatever they need from an online store.

Sex is a completely natural thing and although not everyone has sex toys, you can be sure that most people are having sex. And because packages delivered are usually discreetly enclosed, you would be surprised by how many people own sex toys; even those that you may not suspect.

A female urination device

Female urination devices may sound extremely unnecessary. However, when you are outdoors hiking or jogging, the last thing you want is to be caught unawares by approaching hikers with your pants around your ankles. Female urination devices allow women to answer the call of nature in a dignified manner.

Most female urination devices are straw or funnel-shaped extenders that allow women to pee standing up, just like one of the guys. These urination devices come in all shapes and sizes and they are portable so that you can carry them everywhere with you.

Antiperspirant for hands

Sweaty hands getting in the way of holding that special someone’s hand or shaking hands with colleagues? Well, worry no more! With an antiperspirant that has been specially designed for sweaty hands and feet, you do not have to worry about sweaty hands or the associated odor any longer,

Antiperspirant lotions are designed to act like microscopic paper towels absorbing any excessive palm sweat that you may have. To use it, all you have to do is apply some of the lotion on your hands or feet and you can enjoy the sweat-free palms that you so badly crave.

Preparation Hemorrhoidal Cream

Hemorrhoids are painful tumor-esque bubbles that can make life a living nightmare. Buying feminine products is a walk in the park compared to the horror of having to purchase Preparation Hemorrhoidal Cream from a physical store. 

Preparation H is typically found in the extremely well labeled and well lit anal aisle of most stores right alongside other rectal remedies such as laxatives and enemas. If you want to avoid the sheer horror of having to face your next-door neighbor at the checkout line with your butt cream in hand, the best thing you can do for yourself is to purchase it online.

Adult diapers

If you are already dealing with incontinence, there is no reason to make your plight worse by enduring the degrading process of buying adult diapers in person when all you have to do is shop online with the click of a button. 

The adult diapers will be delivered discreetly to your doorstep and no one ever has to know about your little problem. Just be sure to keep them out of sight and not in your bathroom closet if you do not want your guests to find out.

Final Thoughts

We have all experienced it- that strange sense of embarrassment creeping up the spine as we are about to pick a particularly awkward and embarrassing item to purchase. But alas! Where would we be without online shopping? Not only has online shopping made the lives of introverts that much easier, but it has also made purchasing humiliating but practical things a lot less anxiety-ridden.



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