4 ways to bring colour to your garden (that aren’t about plants)

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I’ve been immensely grateful for my garden over the last couple of months. I know that I’m incredibly lucky during this very weird time to have a private outside space that I can escape to, where I can enjoy the sunshine and just feel like I have a little bit of freedom.

Often when I go and sit outside a cat or three will come with me and sit nearby. Not too close mind, just close enough for them to know I’m there. It’s a lovely feeling just sitting there, listening to the sounds from other gardens and watching the plants emerging from their winter hibernation.

One of the things I love most about the garden is the colour. Even in the winter I like to see colour in the garden, and I’ve done this in mine in a few simple ways, like painting my pergola a lovely pink colour, and having lot of colourful plant pots. I’m a fan of colour inside the home already, and outdoors there’s really no reason to hold back is there?

To give us some ideas for ways to introduce colour into the garden I thought I’d start by putting together a Pinterest board. From that I’ve pulled out a few ideas that I think would be easy to recreate in any garden. Most of these are easy to do, but if you find yourself needing some help then don’t be afraid to look for it – taking out trees for example is something better tackled with the help of someone like https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/.

First up then, the inspiration…


Wasn’t that GLORIOUS? Don’t you just want to rush outside now and splash some paint about and plant pots full of flowers in bright, primary colours?

Of course you do.

Inspired by my colourful garden Pinterest board and with the help of Very’s home and garden zone, here are a few ideas for ways to brighten up your garden this summer:

Create a colourful backdrop

Much like the classic feature wall indoors, you’ll notice that quite a few of the images on the board have used paint on a garden wall or fence to create a brightly coloured backdrop for plants to climb against.

You don’t have to spend masses of time or money – just painting one wall or fence panel, or perhaps even your shed, can make a huge visual impact and help plants to really pop, even if it’s just green foliage.

Invest in coloured planters

An easy way to make sure your garden has colour all year round is to get yourself lots of brightly coloured planters and pots – remember the fabulous bright yellow pots I have my ferns in?

Very has lots of outdoor decoration options, including this turquoise planter on legs, which I think is my favourite. I have a few indoors pots like this, sat in a wooden frame, and I like the idea of mirroring that look in the garden.

ombre coloured planter

Make use of mirrors

This one is a bit of a cheat, but just as mirrors can be used indoors to help create more light, an outdoor mirror can create the illusion of more colour by reflecting the plants and colour that you already have in the garden.

Mirrors are especially useful in smaller gardens for making the space look bigger, or in tucked away, overgrown corners for a bit of magical secret window action.

Don’t forget soft furnishings

Because a cushion is for life, not just for Christmas. Oh hang on, that’s wrong. A cushion is for the garden, not just the sofa?

You get what I mean.

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you have to be sat bolt upright on a wooden bench, you’re allowed to be comfy, and Very.co.uk has a few lovely outdoor cushion options that will brighten up the garden, like these lovely kingfishers.

kingfisher garden cushion

Hopefully that’s given you a little bit of inspiration to help bring a little bit of extra colour into your garden, without having to get too muddy.

Do you have any favourite ways to add colour to your garden? Leave a comment and let me know!


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  1. Urban Wheelz
    8 May, 2020 / 7:47 am

    Oh my god, that is sure some fine inspiration to make my ultimate Yoga garden :D now just the weather!!

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