The most desirable beach homes in the US

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Having a beach house is anybody’s dream. Access to the sea, peaceful coast, and a place to escape during the summer from the noise of the city, all that is in beach home offering. There is just something about the coastal communities that is so attractive for families and friends gatherings that you want to be an owner of such comfort. Besides, buying a beach house in Florida is an excellent way to invest your money. Some consider it even better than regular property, as you can get more out of the investment. However, not all beach towns in the United States are on the same level, and some are better than others. You can observe that by following the real estate agencies that offer beach homes, like So without further ado, let’s talk about the most desirable locations for beach houses in America.

Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach

Florida is the state that you think of first when you are looking for fantastic coastal communities. Some even call it the beach and summer location of the United States. It has the right location, atmosphere, and the beaches are absolutely perfect. No wonder Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach are considered one of the best beach house locations in the US. Both sites are popular vacation destinations ensuring a steady stream of vacationers throughout the year. This part of Florida remains high on the real estate investment list. Santa Rosa Beach is also known for its easy access to nature. That is why families seeking a beach house experience will be at your vacation rental door.

Average beach home price: 420 000$

Ocean City

Apart from its already attractive name, Ocean City in Maryland is on the list of the best beaches and beach houses communities for years now. You can enjoy here an expansive, three-mile beachfront boardwalk that is home to local shops, restaurants, and arcades, all within walking distance. Those who are seeking a bit more adventure will find it in Maryland as well. Surfing, fishing, and canoeing are all available in Ocean City. Beach home buyers in this market should keep one thing in mind, and that is water. Ocean City has a limited number of houses that are close to it. The good idea is to invest in a pool or boardwalk access that will help increase your stays.

Average beach home price: 290 000$

Myrtle Beach

We are not talking about Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter book series, but the beach that is the heart of coastal life in South Carolina. It is an Atlantic coast gem famous for its natural beauty and variety of activities. Myrtle Beach is a perfect location for swimming, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin cruises, this region of South Carolina truly has something for everyone. Even people who prefer to stay on the green rather than sand can find plenty of world-famous golf courses. When searching in Myrtle Beach for an investment opportunity, look for vacation properties that are near water of any kind. Oceanfront or channel-front homes will generate the most income. A boat dock is also a significant advantage for potential renters who want to take full advantage of the blue ocean.

Average beach home price: 275 000$

Ocean Shores

Perhaps the best that the United States has to offer in terms of beach housing, Ocean Shores is a small coastal city and oasis of Washington state. If Washington isn’t immediately providing your mind with images of tropical breezes and suntanned skin, you are so wrong. There is way more to this beautiful state than just ever screaming politicians. Ocean Shores, known as the Razor Clam capital of the West, is ideal for those looking for outdoor adventures on its stretch of waterways and beaches. And just because it is not the obvious choice, Ocean Shores becomes even more attractive as a location for your beach house. Besides, you don’t always have to travel across the country to Florida, every single time to get some sun and ocean fun.

Average beach home price: 250 000$

Gulf Shores

Sweet Home, Alabama! Gulf Shores, located on the state line of Florida and Alabama, has a variety of features with holiday potential. Popular day-trip destinations are nearby, family-friendly activities as well, and popular concerts or food festivals attract every kind of traveler. For these reasons, Gulf Shores is a year-round favorite vacation rental place in the US. In this area, there’s a beach home for everyone, so if you are looking for a bigger community, you are in the perfect place.

Average beach home price: 410 000$

Beach house is an excellent idea for investment as well as a getaway purchase. There are plenty of perfect locations throughout the United States that will provide you with an experience you wish for. Various prices, different features, but one thing in common, comfort, and stunning views.


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