How To Choose The Best Baby Invitation Designs For Your Shower Party

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baby shower invitations

Before your bundle of joy comes along, and you get caught up in all the feeding and taking care of the little one, you deserve to have some time off for yourself and celebrate. 

Baby showers are fun to be a part of and to host because it is a celebration of new life coming into the world. The miracle of pregnancy is something women don’t get enough credit for. Having to carry and be responsible for a new life in your own body is truly a wonder that no one can fully describe unless they have been in that situation. 

As a testament to this wonderful miracle, baby showers are held to celebrate both the mother and the unborn child’s new journey together. In addition, a shower is also a great opportunity for the family of the couple, or the important people in their lives, to shower them with love and care during this time. 

Traditionally, baby showers are not held by the expectant mother, but rather by someone on their behalf. There is actually no strict rule as to who should be throwing it. 

If you are the one throwing a shower, then it is time to start the preparations! 

Before throwing the actual party, you will need to start with the basics, like shower invitations. Your invitations are crucial because they will set the mood and style for the whole shower. How you present the invitation will either excite your guests, or make them want to avoid attending the event. Things you can include in the invitation are the address, time and date, and gender (as approved by the mother or the parents)

For great suggestions to help you out, you should check out woodland invitations. They have a wide array of selections that can help you get started. 

4 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Baby Invitation Designs For Your Shower Party


  • Know The Preference Of The Couple Or Expectant Mother 


Since your invitation is one of the first things that your guest sees before the shower, it is important to take the mother into consideration during the planning. 

Colors play an important role in the design of an invitation. Would the mother or parents want gender-neutral colors so as to not give anything away, or would they prefer to choose colors that specifically announce the gender?

If they are going to do a gender reveal during the shower party itself, it is better to stay in neutral colors that will not give anything away.

In addition, this also adds to the suspense and curiosity of the guests as to what the gender is, and what to expect during the party. It makes the celebration even more exciting and fun.

However, one of the disadvantages of this is that guests will not be able to bring things that are appropriate for a specific gender if they are kept in the dark. 


  • Handwritten Notes On Your Cards Add A Warm And Personal Touch 


In this digital age, everything can be done on the internet. So adding a personal touch will truly warm the hearts of those who will receive the message. It would really make your invitations stand out due to their unique quality.

You might be thinking that this would be hard work and will take up time as well. Not to worry, there are certain advances in technology that allow handwritten notes to be digitalized so that you will not have to write the same thing again and again. By just scanning your original handwritten note, there are creative people who can put it on many cards. 

This is a good way to add a personal touch without it being too time-consuming. Your extra effort will surely be rewarded, as the guests will remember your distinctive invitations for a long time to come.


  • Match The Theme Of Your Shower With Your Invitations


If you are already working on a specific theme for the shower event itself, then it is best to pair it with the invitations that you will send out.

If however, you still haven’t decided on a theme, then this is a good way to pressure you into deciding. Some famous themes that might inspire you are the following: 

  • Food-themed
  • Safari-themed
  • Sports-themed
  • Retro-themed
  • Disney-themed
  • Space-themed
  • A theme from a series or a movie

Other suggestions for themes are that you can base them on the mother’s favorite movie, book, character, or food that she might be craving at the moment, like frittatas. Then, you can incorporate some of those elements into the perfect shower invitation. 


  • Choose A Card That Keeps The Content Simple But Clear


Sometimes the best way to say something is to say it in short and simple terms and words. You might be familiar with the acronym KISS which means, “Keep it simple and sweet.” 

Your guests do not need to know all the details. What they do need to know is that they are invited to a baby shower party that will be held at a certain place at a certain date and time. Be clear with instructions so that they do not get lost and confused.  If certain things like costume wear are required, then include it in your content as well. 


If you are having a hard time choosing a shower party invitation, remember to keep in mind the preferences of the parents or mother so that you do not reveal details that they might want to keep secret. Handwritten notes also add a personal touch to the letters. Other reminders include matching your theme with your invitation and choosing a card that keeps the content simple yet clear. 

Remember that the goal of the shower is to prepare the expectant mother for the new journey ahead, and for friends and family to use this time that she has to impart wise words and advice. It is important for everyone to have fun during this time, so feel free to be as creative as you like.

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