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Question: do you like getting FREE MONEY?

What do you mean no? Hush. You’re just being awkward because you know it’s a leading question. Nobody actually wants to go out of their way to spend more money than they need to do they? If you could get exactly the same product and it cost you £100 or £90 then you’d go for the £90 wouldn’t you?

Right. Thank you.

That’s essentially what cashback is – getting the exact same product you were going to buy anyway, but getting some money back when you buy it.

There are quite a few cashback opportunities around already, from cashback credit cards and offers through your bank account to dedicated websites curating cashback deals. It’s great to have options and you definitely don’t have to restrict yourself. You might use a cashback credit card when you go to the supermarket for instance, but then choose a cashback website like Widilo to look for offers before you shop online.

‘Widilo you say?’

Yep. Widilo is one of the new kids on the UK cashback block. They’ve been a leading cashback destination in France for a while already, and are now coming to the UK offering cashback offers and discounts across thousands of brands.

Widilo cashback offers

It’s totally free to join and just by registering you get a free £5 cash bonus. Literally just free money for barely any effort, which is one of my favourite kinds of money.

How to claim your £5 cash bonus from Widilo

When you arrive at the Widilo site, click ‘join for free’ in the top right hand corner and enter your details or click one of the buttons to login via one of your social media channels. A message will pop up telling you that you need to click the confirmation link in the email you’ve just been sent, so go to your email and click ‘activate my bonus’.

Back at the Widilo site you’ll see you now have 50 points in your account. Go into ‘shop’ if you’re not automatically redirected, (on the left hand menu), and you now have the option to spend these welcome bonus points. Click ‘buy’ and confirm it’s what you want to do and these 50 points will be converted into £5 cashback.

£5 Widilo cashback bonus

How to claim cashback bonus with Widilo

To start earning more cashback, search Widilo’s database of retailers offering cashback or special offers, click through to the retailer website, and the cashback offer will automatically be logged and added to your account once you complete your purchase. Accumulate £15 cashback in your account and cash out. It’s that easy.

Widilo pass on 100% of their commission as cashback, so you know you’re getting a good deal, and they are lots of other ways to earn extra money or rewards. Once you’ve completed your first cashback purchase for instance you’ll be able to send personal referral links and earn up to £6 for every single person who makes a cashback purchase via your link.

Widilo isn’t one of those cashback or voucher websites which, when you actually look at it, only has expired offers or retailers you’ve never heard of, it’s proper decent cashback from high street brands, brands you’d shop with normally. If you’re using these retailers anyway, you might as well earn cashback from your shopping right?

how to earn good cashback

There are fashion brands, travel companies, health and beauty retailers – all sorts to choose from.

Okay, but how does Widilo work in practice?

Let’s take a completely hypothetical example of a Widilo cashback offer at the time of writing. Let’s say, JUST FOR EXAMPLE, you fancied booking a guided tour with gin cocktails at the Bombay Sapphire distillery with lastminute.com. (Like I say, completely hypothetical.)

You search for lastminute.com on Widilo and see that they’re currently offering 7% cashback on experiences. Click on the link to the lastminute.com site and make your gin tour purchase as normal. Once your purchase had been verified, 7% of what you paid will show in your Widilo account as your cashback reward.

It’s basically Widilo PAYING you to drink gin. Sort of.


get cashback at lastminute.com

What makes Widilo different from other cashback sites?

There are plenty of sites out there collating cashback deals, so why do Widilo call themselves ‘the UK’s most rewarding cashback and discount codes site’?

Good question. Well done.

The answer lies in Widilo’s loyalty scheme, where regular customers are rewarded with points for using Widilo, just like using your Boots Advantage card or Tesco Clubcard or whatever it may be. Every time you earn cashback you also earn loyalty points, which can be exchanged for gifts or gift cards through the Widilo shop. As you earn more cashback, your Widilo ‘status‘ improves, meaning you earn even more points and higher rewards from reviews and referrals.

Widilo reward sceheme

It really is a bit of a no-brainer so if you enjoy getting free money for doing very little, do check out all of the brands where you can earn cashback via Widilo. Don’t forget too that you can earn extra money from referrals once you’ve had your first lot of verified cashback, which means even more free cash!

Check out the cashback offers on Widilo now and start saving more and spending less.


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  1. makeupmuddle
    13 March, 2020 / 6:14 pm

    I really appreciate you sharing this! I genuinely thought there was only two cashback sites, but I will only place online orders now where there’s cashback available so I’ve joined Widilo to hopefully find more retailers offering cashback! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of them before xo

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