How You Can Earn Money From Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

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Frugal-minded mommies are always looking for ways to save money, whether through couponing or adding another income stream by earning money from home. Fortunately, cashback apps like Ibotta have also been developed to make shopping more convenient while being practical.

Money is a limited resource for most people. Cashback apps allow you to get a rebate on things that you usually purchase. With this, there’s no need to keep on waiting for promos on necessities like food and other things you use around the house.

Moreover, according to a recent review by financial writer Casey Fiedler, Ibotta offers various options for you to enjoy your rebates, whether it’s through Venmo or PayPal to Amazon or Starbucks gift cards. You can use the money you saved for other purchases that make sense for your lifestyle.

If you’re wondering how you can earn money from cashback apps like Ibotta, here are the ways:

1. Shop Online

The company developed a mobile app and a Chrome browser extension to help you find deals when shopping online. By using their programs, you can get rebates from online retailers that you normally buy stuff from.

The process is relatively straightforward. You create an account with Ibotta and start visiting your favorite stores online.

You can earn up to 10 percent cashback offers for your total online purchase. The company has partnered with more than 150 online retailers to make sure that you can save money on various services, from food delivery, online shopping hubs to travel sites.

To get started, you just have to open the app and choose the website that you want to shop in. Then, you can go about shopping online normally. After finishing a transaction, the app calculates how much you saved and adds the sum to your Ibotta earnings automatically.

2. Pay Through the App

Another way to earn from the cashback app is to visit the store and pay through Ibotta. You have the option to link your debit or credit card to your account on the application for seamless transactions.

With this option, you visit the store and pay from the Ibotta app using the gift card codes you find on the platform. The program will credit your rebates immediately to your account after purchase.

You may be worried about the security of your debit or credit card number, especially when linking it to the app. However, Ibotta has confirmed that all of its users’ payment information is protected with 256-bit bank-level encryption.

They also work with top payment processors to ensure tight security for all transactions done on the app. This way, you can shop without worries and be assured that the money you made online, which is linked to your account, is protected.

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3. Connect Your Loyalty Cards

Ibotta allows you to kill two birds with one stone by enabling users to link their loyalty cards to their favorite stores. This type of card typically sends customers notifications on exclusive deals and discounts from a retailer.

By connecting your loyalty card from one store to Ibotta, you can enjoy loyalty rewards from that particular retailer while taking advantage of the promos that the cashback app offers. This means you get double savings in just one transaction.

4. Scan Your Receipts

You can also scan your receipts to earn rebates from the stores you frequent. Remember, you must search for offers in the app first and bookmark them before you go to the store.

After you’ve made the necessary purchases, you can click the offers that you saved in the app and scan your receipt. Ibotta will credit the rebates to your account within 48 hours.

Moreover, you are allowed to upload receipts from transactions you made yesterday to take advantage of today’s available offers.

The app also has a QR code feature that they’re promoting these days. To use this option, you pick the offers in Ibotta and scan the code when you get to the cashier. This automatically saves your transaction to your account.

5. Alternative Bonus Options

Additionally, the cashback platform provides other rewards for doing stuff in-app. You can earn a bonus just by making your friends sign up using your code. What’s even better is that you and your referral get 10 USD each.

The app has a “Popular Bonuses” tab at the bottom part that features rewards you can get without necessarily making a purchase. One example is the “Orange Flag” bonus, which entails redeeming three offers before they expire. Accomplishing this gets you an extra 2 USD cashback.


Whether you have a 9-to-5 job or you earn money from home, saving cash on purchases is always a good thing. Use Ibotta to find the best deals on products and services that you usually buy. The platform provides various options to get rebates as well as redemption methods so that you can shop without worries.


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