Different Types of Glass for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The utilization of cabinet glass has evolved to be used for divergent purposes since they tend to serve a variety of functions at home. Cabinet glass is mainly acknowledged for their aesthetic and decorative purposes. Some cabinet glass is designed to be used in open shelves while others settle for closed shelves. The increased development and popularity of cabinet glass have influenced the development of the modern kitchen. The cabinet glass designs tend to continue the modern look that homeowners desire for their living and dining areas, meaning you can enhance your kitchen with stylish glass cabinet doors, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal, easily accessible online.

The glass cabinets add a sleek and stylish appearance that makes them perfect options for using them in the kitchen. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are usually clear or frosted, which means that they reflect approximately 50% of their content. The glass cabinets safeguard plates, spoons and other utensils and also ensure easy monitoring of the utensils. Kitchen glass cabinet panes are also easy to install if you are willing to replace wood with glass. There are diverse options of kitchen glass cabinets that come in a range of different types including leaded glass, textured glass, sumiglass, and V-grooving.

Leaded Glass Cabinets

Leaded glass is also referred to as crystal glass due to its crystal-like look as seen in fig 1. Leaded glass cabinets are an ideal type to use in a modern kitchen. The leaded glass panes for kitchen cabinets are made by amalgamating several pieces of glass together, which makes the glasswork a unique choice for kitchen cabinets. Each piece of leaded glass used for kitchen cabinet windows assembles into a certain design pattern which you may desire to use for your kitchen. The typical thickness of the leaded glass is 1/8” to 3/16” thick. Leaded glass designs are shaped to ensemble any décor from modern to traditional in almost any shape or size.

Textured/Frosted Glass Cabinets 

Glass Cabinet comes in a range of textured patterns, which are imprinted on the glass surfaces at high temperatures. Patterned glass enables textured glass cabinets to be customized in your desired decorative patterns. Textured glass patterns are considered to be the best option of supplementing an artistic or aesthetic appearance in your kitchen space. Textured glass also has an immoderate capacity of light diffusion. Therefore, they are ideal for those who don’t wish to put their kitchen utensils on display. They may be opaque enough to hide any mess while still showing the aesthetic cabinet appearance. The best glass types for making frosted glass are the fab and mirror glass as well as the obscured glass. Unlike a standard cabinet wall, frosted glass insertions enable the kitchen to appear more spacious and open.

Sumiglass Cabinet Glass

Sumiglass cabinet panes are laminated glass which is certified to be safer than other types of cabinet glass. Their safety assurance makes them an ideal option for interior kitchen cabinet glass utilizations. Sumiglass types are made by constricting several materials into certain layers. The decorative layers consist of various materials of adhesive and two or more window panes of glass. The layers are interconnected together using advanced technology and equipment that ensures there is a long-lasting bond between the glass panes and layered materials. Users can use different colors to create fashionable designs of sumiglass on kitchen cabinets. Despite having a decorative and long-lasting capacity, sumiglass is mainly recommended for interior utilizations.

V-Grooving Glass Cabinets

V-grooving cabinet glass has custom engravings and is polished within various decorative designs as seen in fig 4. V-grooving on kitchen cabinet glass surfaces introduces an aesthetic appearance of your kitchen surroundings. V-grooving technique significantly reduces the glass thickness in places where the designs are engraved on the glass. The Fab Glass and Mirror have a wide variety of glass with various engraving designs. Despite being a good option for supplementing an aesthetic appearance, glass cabinets with v-grooving techniques are prone to early breakages due to the reduced thickness in engraved regions. Thus they require to be well maintained.


In conclusion, kitchen glass cabinets serve multipurpose options, they are suitable and well-designed and thus, they are a good choice to be used in kitchen cabinets. The glass cabinets are also easy to find in the market given that they have gained popularity. They offer a great option of displaying your kitchenware compared to open or closed shelving. They are also easy to clean, unlike the wooden kitchen cabinets. They are waterproof and do not stain easily. It is recommended to clean the kitchen cabinet glass with a glass cleaner before wiping it with a soft cloth to make the glass look clear. However, you should be aware of the fragile nature of the cabinet glass. They are prone to cracks and breakages and thus, you should handle them with great care.



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