The Best Places to eat in Europe

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Bread is one of the most popular foods in France. Baguette anyone?

When it comes to eating out in Europe, visitors are spoiled for choice. With so many countries famous for their cuisine, it can be difficult knowing where to go first. Whether you want to experience rustic local fare or high-end gastronomic food, an authentic meal while on vacation is a must. After all, we think with our stomachs more often than not! So, where are the best places to visit for the tastiest dish ever?


France is famous the world over for its mouth-watering cuisine, attracting visitors who want to sample the country’s incredible dishes in droves. The freshness of the ingredients, the wide variety of regional flavors, the authentic cooking methods and original recipes combine to create some of the most sought-after gastronomy on the planet. While the food in France can get very technical and fancy, one of the most iconic food is the humble baguette. Served solo or with almost every meal on offer in France, the baguette is eaten at ay time of the day. But if bread simply won’t suffice, head to Normandy to sample the moules marinières (mussels with cream, garlic, and herbs) or Burgundy to try the famous coq au vin (chicken in wine). Escargot (snails) are plentiful in Paris while the famous French pastries are available on just about every street corner that you find.


Poland might not be the first European country you think of when it comes to food, but Polish cuisine undoubtedly deserves a mention. From the very tasty ogórki kwaszone (pickled cucumbers) and the pierogi (Polish ravioli) to the twaróg ze szczypiorkiem (cottage cheese with spring onion), Poland has a unique and unconventional taste. The traditional ingredients that make up Polish cuisine, such as beets, apples, potatoes, and buckwheat pay homage to the country’s long agrarian tradition. Here, the food needs to last through the winter which means plenty of pickles, preserves, fermented goods and smoked fish and meat. Head to Silesia to try the large dumplings known as kluski or try the aromatic duck dishes in Wielkopolska. But for a real range of regional dishes, it’s essential to visit the Podhale at the foot of the Tatra mountains. Here you can find anything from kwaśnica (sauerkraut soup) to placki po góralsku (potato pancakes with goulash).


Right off the southernmost tip of Italy, Malta understandably has plenty to offer in terms of gastronomic fare. A fine blend of influences from Italy, the North of Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean region, Maltese cuisine has a flavor like no other. As it is an island, the food here is mainly season-based and rustic along with classic seafood recipes and Maltese stew. The traditional Maltese qubbajt, a sweet treat made with almonds and honey is available in most local shops and stalls, while the delectable Maltese pastizzi are abundant in the seaside town of St. Julian’s, along with fresh seafood and sumptuous pasta.

Italian pizza is famous the world over


Home of pasta and pizza, it is no surprise that Italy makes its way onto this list. But these two specialties are just a drop in the ocean compared with the full range of gastronomic fare available in this beautiful country. Whether you prefer to dine in the finest Michelin-star restaurants or a family-run rustic café, there are so many options here that visitors can feel overwhelmed with choice. Each place has its own delicacies and specialties, which means that traveling around in Italy can be very hard on the waistline! Try the fabled spaghetti in Rome, before heading to Venice to gorge on tiramisu. Sample the world-famous Margherita in Naples or try lavarello at the jaw-droppingly beautiful Lake Como.

While there are some obvious choices on the list, there are certainly a few European countries that you might not have immediately thought of for incredible food. So, the next time you book holidays, ask your stomach to choose where you go first!


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