Why Termite Inspections Are Critical For Wooden Builders

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So you are considering building your own home, adding an extension to your home or building a self contained studio for your rowdy teen? No doubt you are doing it to a budget and are looking at the options that give you the most bang for your buck. One thing you cannot scrimp on is a termite inspection. Termites, also known as ‘white ants’ are an extremely invasive timber pest that will wreak havoc in your home. Having a qualified pest control service conduct a termite inspection annually and by engaging builders who provide termite control systems in any new wooden builds will ensure that your home will not fall victim to these troublesome pests. These protective measures also have the potential to save you thousands in termite repair costs further down the line.

Small Pests, Big Damage

Termites are a serious problem which anyone building with wood needs to prepare and protect against. In Victoria, one third of unprotected homes will experience significant and costly damage caused by termite infestation. The estimated cost of both professional pest control, tradesmen and building materials to combat termite infestations in Australia is $1.5 billion annually. By ensuring that you have a termite inspection and termite prevention measures in place you can avoid the costly damage that these creatures can cause.The quotes for repair of termite damage can easily be upwards of $50,000 and to make matters worse most home insurance does not cover the cost of termite damage repairs.

So, what does termite damage look like? And why is it so costly? Termite infestation can often go unnoticed, as these pests destroy timber from the inside out. It might be time to book a termite inspection if you begin to notice fine borrow lines along skirting boards with weakening timber that seems to break away easily. Termites are attracted to damp areas, so keep an eye out for any changes in appearance to your gutters. If you begin to notice, fine dust residue accompanied by holes or cracks in your plaster, this could also be due to termites feasting away within your walls.

What to Expect from your Builder

When it comes to household pest infestations the aim is to prevent rather than have to cure, and termites are no exception to this rule. If you are building anything wood you must engage a builder who is termite management savvy, and will provide you with a termite protective build. Things that a builder can do to protect against termite infestation are: use treated timber and termite resistant woods, or build with steel wherever possible. There are also Australian standards that builders are to adhere to when providing termite management systems such as the Australian Standard 3660 on Termite Control.

If you do find yourself unlucky enough to have had a recent wooden build termite infestation and have found that your insurance does not cover the cost of damage then there is some recourse that you can find in Australian law. In court the builder you engage is seen as the professional-in-charge of overseeing the installation of a termite control system. As a homeowner you are entitled to assume, that your builder has properly protected your build from possible termite infestation. So, you can always take legal action against your builder if you are in this position, but we all know legal action can be costly. So, check with your builder that they will be using termite protective build methods.

For any wooden home owners or builders, annual termite inspections and installing termite control systems are a must. Protect your home and your family’s financial security with termite inspections.


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