Winter warmers: Essential accessories for your little ones

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As the days get shorter and the weather colder, it’s time to put away sunglasses and sunhats and swap them for cosier accessories that will wrap your little one up and protect them from the elements.

This means, alongside coats and boots, knitted items that will keep them snuggly and warm when outside, but can easily be removed when they are back inside.

Here are a few essential accessories for your youngster this winter:

Hat: Keep your little one’s head warm with a hat. Bobble hats always look super cute, or you might want to choose one with a fleecy lining for extra warmth. There’s also designs that cover the ears from the bitterly cold wind too and even fasten beneath their chin or with a scarf, to keep it in place. Choose a block colour or go for a fun design or pattern – they may like a festive theme for over the Christmas period. 

Gloves: You don’t want their little hands to get cold, especially if they are outside playing or building a snowman. You can choose between gloves or mittens. If you opt for fingerless ones, they will still be able to play with these on without their hands getting cold. You can also get gloves that are attached by rope, so they can’t lose one of them.

Scarf: Protect necks from the chill with a scarf. You may want to choose a design or colour to match the hat and gloves, for a super cute, coordinated look.    

Snood: Alternatively, a snood will do the job just as well. This will wrap around their neck and can often be pulled up to cover heads as well. Perfect for outdoor winter activities.     

Knitted headband: If you have a daughter, then a knitted headband is the perfect winter accessory. It’ll keep her hair out of her eyes and cover her ears, without her head getting too hot. It also avoids hat hair and won’t ruin her hairstyle. 

Earmuffs: Your ears are particularly affected by cold weather, to the point where they can actually become painful. Earmuffs will protect them from the wind and like with the headband, keep their hairstyle in place.    

Cosy socks: Wellies or boots are the best shoes for your little one during the winter as they keep their feet warm and dry, whatever the weather. Pop on a pair of cosy socks too and their feet will be really toasty. These are also ideal for in the house too and can be worn with slippers for extra comfort.

Slipper socks: Soft and fluffy with a gripped sole and cute designs, slipper socks are perfect to slip on cold feet. They are also easy to take with you when visiting friends or family.

Hot water bottle: A soft hot water bottle is ideal to cuddle up with to keep them warm on a cold winter’s night. You could also get hand warmers – such as these fun rainbow ones – that can be used when they are outside.

Fill your son or daughters wardrobe with winter accessories that will keep them warm and can be mixed and matched depending on the weather and what they are wearing.


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