The Land Down Under: Australia for Kids

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Australia has always been on my personal bucket list as well the one we have as a family. The flight with kids may be a long one, but the journey will for sure be worth it. I know my kids will enjoy being able to communicate in the same language and feel challenged being in a new environment but comfortable, while enjoy sites including the Australian sun and beautiful wildlife.

Here are a few things that we have found helpful in planning our must-sees for our Australia family trip:

Before you go, you need a visa

For those traveling from the UK, an eVisitor visa is required for Australia. This is definitely something you want to prepare well in advance, as it is required for entry. Once approved, your eVisitor visa will be valid for 12 months and enables you to stay in Australia for up to 90 days each visit. Luckily, you can easily apply for an eVisitor visa for Australia online and take a gander at sites like to get an idea of what is needed. Make sure to get everything ready to make the visa process seamless!

Kids can visit Australian wildlife

You can see Australian wildlife at preserves like Kangaroo Island and West MacDonnell Ranges. At Kangaroo Island, located south of Adelaide, you can check out Seal Bay Conservation Park, Fliners Chase National Park, and more.


Visit Sydney’s famous spots

Sydney has a number of famous spots, including Bondi Beach and the Opera House that are worth seeing. With older kids, you can even climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge! You can also go for a picnic on Cockatoo Island or head to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium.

Red Centre and Outback

For an expedition through Australia, you can visit the Red Centre and Outback. Central Australia is home to gorgeous red desert with Ayer’s Rock centrally located in the region. You can trek around the West MacDonnell mountain ranges here and check out some waterholes you can swim in, trails, and plenty of wildlife. During your adventures, stop by the city of Adelaide!

Visit the Aboriginal Culture in Kakadu National Park

A trip out to Kakadu National Park in Darwin is an adventure, and it is a place that you can learn about the Aboriginal Culture and learn about Australia’s history. There are rock-art galleries to see and plenty of wildlife to catch in action, including crocodiles!

Snorkel or do a Clear Bottom Boat Tour in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a major draw in Australia. You can head out there for some snorkelling and to check out the beauty that is the Great Barrier Reef or go for a Clear Bottom Boat Tour if you are with little ones and want to see and learn from above water.

Australia is full of attractions for kids and even parents to marvel at. It is one of those destinations where everyone in your family can find something they love and you will all enjoy exploring here together.

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