Visiting Sapa, Vietnam? Here’s All You Need to Know Prior to Your Visit

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how to get to Sapa Vietnam

In the northwest of Vietnam lies a beautiful place and a prospective travel destination for those who love to travel called Sapa. Covered with lovely mountains, its scenery is just spectacular. If you travel during the right time of the year, you will be amazed by its bright green terraced rice fields.

Sapa is home to varied cultural minorities, enhancing the place all the more by their many individual and rich customs. Culture, heritage and loveliness combined; it is one paradise of a place for travelers!

Reaching to these unique hidden beauties in far away places can be challenging because of the jungles, the confusing routes and bumpy roads. Nevertheless, once you cross the hardships, you are sure to feel the worthiness of your efforts. Moreover, the various travel services offered online these days can be made use of. Of course, we need to find out the authentic ones.

Travel Planning

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you should visit Sapa. Getting to Sapa might seem difficult because of its remote location, but with the proper guidance reaching there without all the stress is doable. One such online service which enables you to find and book tickets online is ‘’. They help the travelers in looking for, comparing and booking ground and sea transportation tickets online.

A traveler enjoys the most when the journey details are well taken care of, more so if travelling to a less-discovered remote place. ‘Bookaway’ helps in breaching the digital gap between the local suppliers and world travelers. They basically simplify the travel planning process making travel ticket booking accessible and everyone.

With a strong concentration on Southeast Asia, ‘works in more than 30 countries selling tickets online for over 2000 exclusive routes. It has around the clock support team working closely with the local suppliers enabling excellent support to travelers with reliable information. This reduces their travel anxiety. It also has no hidden costs and has a set of flexible cancellation policies.

Reaching Sapa

What is needed while travelling to Sapa is to plan the travel in a way that reduces the transit time? Once you reach Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, you can choose to travel to Sapa either by train or by bus.

  • Train – Considered convenient and easy, the train is the most popular way to get to Sapa. If you happen to be coming from Hanoi it takes about 8 hours to reach Sapa. However, the train will not take you all the way to Sapa. You will reach Lao Cai Railway station from where you will need to board a shuttle bus to arrive at Sapa.

There are many options when it comes to the train transit and it is better to book in advance noting that weekends and summer months are the busiest times. You would not want to lose out on the best cabins. Also, if you wish to save a bit on accommodation fees you might want to book an overnight express.

The other features that might fluctuate from package to package are shared compartments or private compartment, hard bed or soft bed, price of the tickets and so on.

The train tickets can cost $18 to $100, depending on the kind of the cabin you choose.

  • Bus – The other option to reach Sapa is by bus. The journey time is slightly less, around 6 hours from Hanoi, than it would be by train. You will also not need a shuttle bus as the bus terminus is in the middle of the town. You can enjoy sighting some beautiful scenery on the way too.

There are buses available from Hanoi throughout the day. The bus fare differs depending on whether it is a basic one or a luxury bus. Some of the buses offer to drop their travelers at the place they are put up in Sapa.

The bus price might range from $11 to $20 or more.

Though the busses are usually comfortable, the mountain roads can be fairly windy and perilous.

Hence you need to take the call as to whether to travel in a bus or opt for a train after weighing the pros and cons of both.

Once you reach Sapa you will discover that it is definitely an enticing package of beauty and heritage for travel lovers. With the online travel facilities available, its remote location is too small a reason now to skip the trip

how to get to Sapa Vietnam


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