The one where I turn baby Joey into a Christmas bauble

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I’m going to be completely honest here and say that in my younger days I would have found the idea of personalised Christmas gifts a little tacky. I say ‘my younger days’ like I’m referring to the 1870s or something – I just mean when I was maybe in my early twenties and still clinging to the illusion that if I just tried hard enough, and walked with enough nonchalance, that I could be COOL.

Obviously I can’t – I have a collection of Nancy Drew books and the Inspector Morse box set – but the lovely thing about getting older is that you don’t actually care any more. I love that sassy girl detective and you can like it or lump it. Plus I just remembered that when Belle was a baby I had a photo of her and Bee put on a mousemat, so, perhaps I’ve always secretly loved personalised gifts.

If you fancy putting the face of someone you love on a DIY Christmas bauble this year then you’ve come to the right place! I put this post together with the help of Funky Pigeon’s range of first Christmas gifts and with the exclusive code JO20 you can get 20% off baubles, cushions, snow globes, and photo blocks until December 23rd.

This Christmas will be our first with baby Joey, which opens up lots of opportunities for personalised ‘baby’s first Christmas’ items. Joey is adorable – put him on a personalised cushion and seriously, what’s not to love?

Personalised cushion

Aside from Joey’s face being tip top, it’s a really sweet design and the cushion and the fabric is good quality too. In fact all of the personalised gifts we had from Funky Pigeon were great quality and very affordable – you’d look nice and thoughtful giving them as Christmas gifts, but you won’t be breaking the bank either.

I did make Joey pose for a picture, but his expression is a little hard to read. He might love it, or he might be cringing inside, it’s hard to tell.

Personalised Christmas cushion

For the personalised snow globe I went with a picture of Belle and Joey that accidentally replicated one of Bee and Belle when Belle was a baby.

Belle was only about ten days old in her version I think, and Joey was a few months old, but they both have the same look of wide eyed terror in their photos, and the same button noses. We weren’t trying to recreate it, but when I saw it I had a flashback – I think it was actually this picture that I turned into the mousemat, which seems very fitting:

baby photos personalised gifts

Now we can enjoy the terrified face every Christmas on a backdrop of snow!

A festive treat for everyone.

personalised snow globe Funky Pigeon

If you’re looking for a more traditional personalised Christmas gift then the Funky Pigeon acrylic photo blocks are really lovely.

They’re nice and chunky, would look great on a mantlepiece and they’d be brilliant presents for grandparents or aunts and uncles. I personally think Joey looks top notch in it, although probably best to use a picture of your own baby, just to avoid confusion on Christmas Day.

Funky Pigeon photo blocks

And finally, Joey as aFunky Pigeon personalised bauble.

This is one of my favourites because his chubby face fills the whole bauble and I can just imagine being sat on the sofa, watching Four Christmasses with a little glass of sherry, glancing over at the tree and seeing him smiling at me.

That would be a pretty ace way to enjoy Christmas.

Shop Funky Pigeon’s range of first Christmas gifts with the exclusive code JO20 and get 20% off baubles, cushions, snow globes, and photo blocks until December 23rd.

Personalised bauble

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