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Decorating a home can be exciting. Adding character to a room can enhance its beauty and add charm. You can add character to a room by adding plants, lamps, throw pillows, throws, pictures, curtains, and individual pieces of furniture. Barn doors are a beautiful way to add character to any room. It saves space in a small living area. If you have space where a door is opening into a room, adding a ​barn door​ can be functional as well as beautiful.

You can add a beautiful plant to the corner of a room. This will give the room a natural pop of color. Plants come in different shapes and sizes. They can be added to a corner of a room or at the center of a table. Plants add life to a room. Fresh or silk flowers can add the character as well. This option is effective and beautiful.

Lamps provide lighting to a room and add charm. You can use a tall floor lamp or a table lamp in any space. Lamps are beautiful decorative elements. This is also an excellent way to add lighting to a space that does not have a ceiling light. Lamps can be very eye-catching.

Throw pillows are my favorite. You can add throw pillows to any sofa or bed; they will come to life instantly. If you have a neutral color sofa, you can add a pillow that has a contrasting color. For example, if you have a beige sofa, you can simply add a cream throw and a black or a dark gray pillow to add contrast. An espresso-colored throw pillow would also provide a beautiful contrast and add interest to a space. You could apply the same contrasting look for a bed.

Throws work great. They are beautiful ways to add character to any room. Simply take a throw and drape it over the edge of a bed, over the edge of the arm of a sofa, or over the edge of an arm of a chair. Throws come in many different fabrics, colors, and textures. They are a beautiful addition to your decor. You can also pair it with a throw pillow to add more charm.

Pictures and art are wonderful ways to add character to a room. Pictures of loved ones in a beautiful frame can work wonders for a space. You can purchase framed art at your local chain outlet stores or from a second-hand store. I have found that purchasing pictures from a second-hand store is a great way to get beautiful framing at a reasonable cost. If budget is not a factor, purchasing pictures at chain outlet stores is the way to go.

Curtains are another excellent way to add character to a room. The fabric of the curtains would determine the cost. Simple curtain panels can be beautiful and inexpensive. More ornate curtains could be more expensive. Use a decorative curtain rod that will coordinate nicely with the panels.

A single piece of furniture can totally transform a living space. A well-coordinated nightstand on the side of a bed can create a new feel for the entire room. An end table can be an interesting conversation piece. Using a leather ottoman in the center of the room can anchor the space and bring in new decorative elements.

Rugs add a nice decorative element to a space. They too can anchor a space and create a cohesive design flow. Simply adding a rug can change a room’s entire look.

Adding barn doors to a room can add a lot of charm. They can be purchased at your local hardware store or custom made. Reclaimed stores have plain door panels that can be transformed into a beautiful custom piece. Custom hardware pieces would coordinate nicely in any room and would create a beautiful barn door feature. This is an excellent way to add charm and character to a room. If you are in a home that has limited space, adding a barn door is an ideal way to save space.

You can add character to any home. If you have a medium or large budget, you can create the space you want. There are many ways to achieve the look you desire. Small changes can create a warm and inviting space. A simple added touch can totally transform a living space. Beautiful rooms do not have to be expensive but if you have a large budget, the sky’s the limit.


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