A sneaky peek into my bedroom – decorating with cushions and prints

I’ve lived in my little flat in Taunton for nearly two and a half years now, and last month I finally got round to replacing the curtains in our bedroom. The original curtains were exactly the sort of curtains you’d expect to find in a slightly rough around the edges rented flat – a 1970s swirly brown, floral pattern. I remember the first time fiancé went into my bedroom, apologising in advance for them.

Well now they’re gone, and instead we have two pairs of dark, plain pink blackout curtains. It’s nice, because for as long as the old curtains have been there, I’ve never felt inspired to do anything with the rest of the decor, as nothing really goes with brown swirly flowers.

I’ve been desperate for ages to get some new custom bedding or cushions. I really love fabrics that have a romantic, watercolour look about them, and so when I discovered Bluebellgray, well, I was practically foaming at the mouth. They do fabrics, bedding, wallpaper and homewares and it’s all beautiful – gorgeous bold floral watercolour designs that immediately just lift a room.

I now have these two cushions on my bed. (See the new curtains in the background?) It means I can have plain white bedlinen, but still have big splashes of colour.

Slummy single mummy bedroom

The bunny rabbit is Bertie. Sometimes I arrange Bertie into funny positions on the bed so that every time I go upstairs to the toilet I can look at him and laugh to myself. 

These cushions are made from brushed cotton, so have a very subtle softness to them, which makes them ideal for a bedroom. Next I have my eye on some of their bedlinen. The colours are just so beautiful – you can’t fail to feel cheered going into a room and seeing them looking back at you, especially at this time of the year when there is less light and colour outside.

Slummy single mummy bedroom

To pick up on the pink theme, I browsed my bookshelves and picked out a selection with pinky tones in the spines, to make a little pile next to my bed. (Yes, I genuinely did this.) It turned out that I had actually read all of these too – perhaps I am drawn to pink books? I can recommend all of them. The Unit is very creepy, but in that ‘it could be real one day’ sort of a way. I’ve read that one a few times. Born Weird is excellent too.

Slummy single mummy bedroom

Then we needed to get some pictures up on the wall. I didn’t want to go for anything too pink, as I didn’t want it to be some kind of comedy teenage girl’s bedroom, so I picked out a couple of prints from Desenio that had a floral, botanical feel to them, without being too in your face. Desenio has about a million different prints and posters, plus they do very reasonably priced frames too, so you can get everything you need in one place.

Slummy single mummy bedroom

As a finishing touch, fiancé rewired one of our lamps with a bright pink cord. Isn’t he a clever boy?

So there you go, a peek into our bedroom!

Slummy single mummy bedroom

I was sent the prints and cushions for the purposes of this review. All opinions my own.


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