Advice for Mothers of Addicted Sons

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When taking care of your child, it’s always important to take yourself into consideration as well. Setting the right example for your kid by being a healthy and happy role model is surely the best way to raise them, but they can run into unexpected issues. If your son is struggling with the terrible reality of addiction and sobriety, there are plenty of resources available locally and throughout the Internet to help your family with the journey.

Recovery Homes

When you feel as if your son’s addiction has gotten out of control, it may be time to enter him into a recovery home. Centers like support personal growth and excitement. Activities in the house are designed to help struggling people overcome their addiction and find a new sense of purpose. The purpose of recovery communities is to assist addicts in finding what they feel they couldn’t have before – a real life.

Be Their Support

It’s true that many addicts become reliant on substances because of trauma in early life. By becoming a trustworthy person that your child can talk to whenever, you can help them gain their self-confidence and build trusting relationships with other peers and family members. Never tear your kid down when they’re trying to recover, because as their mother, they look to you as the number one support system in their life.

Fight the Addiction, Not the Person

It’s sometimes easy to forget that underneath the addiction, your child is still that good person they were before. Remind yourself not to personally attack or criticize your son for being a bad person, and instead remind them you are there to help no matter how bad it gets. Being mean to your kid will only push them farther away and make it less likely for them to get help and get sober.

Love Yourself

It is important not to hold yourself accountable for the choices of your son. You will always be their mother but you cannot feel responsible for their choice to start taking drugs. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and remind yourself that you are doing all you can to help them. It’s not your fault.

Never Enable

One of the best things you can do as a parent of an addict is to love your child unconditionally and let them suffer the natural consequences of their actions. If you give them money when they’re in need, there’s a chance they could use that to fuel their addiction. Instead, buy them groceries or clothes if you can so they know they can count on you, but not be able to put themselves in harm’s way because of you. This way, you know you’re helping them get resources to live and not to buy or use illegal things.

Addicts Can Lie

As a parent of an addict, you might have to learn to accept that your son will not be completely up-front with you. Addicted people will do a lot to hide their worsening addiction, or the fact that they’ve relapsed. Children seek approval from their parents and definitely do not want to let them down. Never rely on faith alone to prove that they’re not using, and seek hard evidence that their addiction is getting better before giving them the positive reinforcements.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help

When your son grows older, your responsibility as a parent lessens. Know that your child’s actions aren’t your fault, and you can only do so much to help them out of this hard time. It is basically impossible to help someone that isn’t interested in helping themselves. Recovery communities and good family support systems may be the best options to ensure recovery.


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