The Benefits of Using Natural Materials in Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is where you spend a large majority of your time, and therefore it is an area of the house that a lot of consideration should be put into designing. When choosing the right materials and products for your bedroom, there are many different elements to consider. A lot of people decide to use synthetic materials, as they tend to be cheaper than natural ones due to the ease of how they are manufactured. However, there is a wide range of reasons why you might choose to use natural materials in your home instead; for example, most hardwood furniture has higher-end finish than plastic or other man-made materials. Additionally, beyond style alone, there are many advantages to using natural materials which often get overlooked. So, with that in mind, here are some reasons why you might benefit from using natural materials in your bedroom.


When most people think of health, the first thing that comes to their mind is their diet or the amount of exercise they are getting daily. But just as important as that is all of the substances that people come into contact with throughout the day, and that includes in the home as well. The bedroom is where people spend a large majority of their time, particularly at night, so it is important to ensure that the materials used in these rooms don’t include any harmful chemicals and that the air is kept clean.

This means avoiding the use of too many plastics, toxin-containing candles, and mattresses that contain volatile compounds. Instead of these products, the use of an organic hypoallergenic mattress will help you sleep better at night while reducing the amount of exposure you have to allergens. Other simple changes you can make to your living environment include using flowers and plants to create a natural and clean aroma, rather than harmful sprays and perfumes, and avoiding burning candles in your bedroom unless they are made from natural substances.

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Many natural materials bring an element of comfort that synthetic materials do not, due to man-made products often becoming flat and worn down over time. Many natural materials, such as wool and feather, are inherently designed to be water-resistant, meaning that they hold onto pockets of air easily. It is this natural phenomenon that allows them to feel light and airy to the touch, creating a much softer surface for your duvets and pillows, increasing comfort and an added touch of luxury.


Natural products tend to have the kind of effortless beauty which you won’t find in synthetic substances, and this is something that comes with organic aging processes and pure color schemes. This is particularly important in bedrooms, as color scheme and atmosphere can be key to a good night’s sleep, and natural materials are far more likely to be soothing with their neutral tones and fresh, grounding aesthetic.

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Natural materials typically last longer and can withstand more wear and tear than man-made ones. For example, think about a standard plastic-based table: once it gets a few scratches it starts to look tired and cheap, whereas a solid hardwood table only looks more distinguished and refined the older it gets, even when it withstands some damage. It is also much easier to upcycle hardwood and other natural materials, as they take well to paints, varnishes and sanding to remove marks, processes which are much harder to undergo on synthetic materials.


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