Ways to Lose Weight (Without Breaking a Sweat)


The technology-driven world we live in has led to many environmental factors that are contributing to the sudden growth of obesity. It’s impossible nowadays to get rid of stress or even spare a few minutes for us to prepare some healthy meals. Becoming more dependent on fast food chains and adopting sedentary lifestyles are on top of the reasons behind obesity. Exercising is considered to be a small part -only 30%- of any weight loss plan. That’s why we collected some of the ways that you can follow to lose weight without even breaking a sweat. 

Avoid eating out 

Adopting healthy eating habits should be your number one priority if you want to lose weight. Luckily enough, there are some food services you can choose from instead of depending on takeaways. Carefully choose the best prepared meal delivery services that can offer you healthy food options that include all the nutrients you need. The main perk about this option is how you can get your food preferences, even if you follow a certain diet, without any prep work. 

Controlled portions

The Asian cuisine understands the importance of small portions which is why the obesity rate is significantly lower than their western counterpart. In the last few decades, there is a huge noticeable increase in portion sizes, especially in the west. Larger portions encourage you to eat more even after feeling full. That’s why serving yourself smaller portions could make you lose weight easily due to your decreased calorie intake. 

Mindful eating 

Practicing mindfulness when it comes to your eating habits benefits the health and shorten your weight loss journey. The most important tip for mindful eating is to let your stomach catch up with your brain. Chewing slowly and thoroughly will make it easier for your stomach to digest food as well as giving it enough time to realize that it’s full. The body sends signals to your brain with a delay of 20 minutes, that’s why chewing slowly will not only save you from stomach aches, but it will also prevent you from overeating. 

Substitute sugary drinks with water 

We know that you are tired from hearing this tip over and over again, but there is a reason why everyone knows it’s best to always be drinking water. Dehydration decreases your metabolism, which could result in storing more fats around the stomach area and some of your internal organs. Avoiding sugary drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and juices will eliminate your sugar intake which will make losing weight so much easier. Instead, you can drink coffee, green tea or other beverages without sugar and plenty of water.  

Simple changes in your lifestyle and eating habits go a long way. Also, staying active with even a 30-minute walk every day will do wonders for your health and body shape. Practice mindful eating such as eating slowly, listening to your body when it’s full, eating only when you are hungry, paying attention to the food you are consuming is far more important in order to achieve your goals.



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