Possible reasons to consider moving your child to another school


You’re here, which means you’re serious enough to research before finalizing your plan to move your child’s school. Perhaps you’re a parent who have already spent a considerable amount of time researching and checking out schools in an effort to find the school that best fits your child’s needs. A few months after school began, you might have realized that something’s not right. Your child is troubled. This is just one of the many reasons why you need to consider moving schools. Here are other possible reasons.

Your financial circumstances have changed. This reason for school transfer is common. You may have thought you are set financially when suddenly your picture has changed significantly. If you’re unable to pay school fees, swallow your pride and tackle your circumstances by talking with school authorities. If your child is doing well, they might be able to aid you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. If this fails, it’s time to explore your options in the private school world.

Your child got expelled. Finding a new school for a child who has been expelled can be a difficult task. Being expelled from public school or private school can be covered by the contract which you and the school signed. The net result for both schools is similar. Expect to have lots of questions when enrolling. So, have your answers well thought out.

Don’t be too positive to spin the situation. The admissions can see through that. Answer truthfully. The school will need to know if your child learned his lesson. Don’t speak ill of the previous school. Contrition is the key here. What are the chances of getting into another school? Assuming that your child’s academics are good and all the other items admissions profile indicate a positive trend, you still stand a good chance at a school which has open places.

Your child is unhappy. An unhappy child is tragic for parent. You need to find out whatever is causing the unhappiness. If your child is unhappy due to an issue at home, then it helps to get professional help to deal with this. Parents can also get divorced and financial situations can also happen. Skilled professionals can help with the child to emerge on the other side a much happier person.

This scenario isn’t exclusive to any particular grade, but the important thing is not to ignore the symptoms.

The school doesn’t satisfy your requirements. This isn’t common but happen anyways. Expectations are sometimes not being met in one way or another. You might have thought the program was something other than it is or have discovered that the school doesn’t offer the activities you feel your child requires.

Before finding a new school, meet with the school authorities and find a resolution to the situation. Don’t be difficult or threatening. Explain the issues and concerns and listen carefully to their response. If it can’t be resolved, then fold your tent and find a new school.

End Note

Changing schools need to be done carefully. You’d want to make changes at the common entry points, which is grades 6/7 for middle school and 9/10 for high school. However, if you have no other choice, it is doable.

Whatever you do, you should find an institution that while affordable, can still offer IB programme Singapore is known for. Don’t forget to consult your kid before deciding to change schools as this will affect him or her the most. Best of luck!


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