6 Things to Consider When Buying a Jogging Stroller


Whether you are a power walker or a marathoner, a 3-wheeled jogging stroller will be your best friend if you are a new parent. Consider the following factors when making a decision on which jogging stroller to purchase:

jogging stroller

1.   Determine Where it Will Be Used

The first question you need to ask yourself is how you intend to use the stroller.

  • Will you push it as you jog?
  • Are you planning on attaching it to your bicycle?
  • Will you be taking it cross-country skiing with you?

If you only intend to use the stroller for running purposes, then you should check top jogging strollers on littlebabygear.com for the best recommendations.

If you are interested in finding a stroller that can be used in multiple ways, then it may be ideal for you to consider buying a jogger/bike trailer – there’s a huge selection online!

2.   Swivel Wheel vs Fixed Wheel

Wheeling should always be your first concern when you are trying to make a decision on the type of stroller to acquire. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never attempt to run with a stroller that does not have a fixed wheel.

The best stroller is one that has locked mechanism so the wheel can easily be locked into position. A stroller with a swivel wheel can pose great danger to your child, especially at fast speeds.

Strollers with swivel wheels are ideal for strolling and walking; do not run with them.

3.   Frequency of Use

The number of times you will use the jogging stroller will also determine the quality that you should purchase (it will also have an influence on your budget).

Marathon runners who plan on taking their children on long-distance jogs will need high-quality strollers designed for that specific purpose.

Look at the different models available on the market before making your decision. Make sure that you pay attention to what the strollers have been designed for before making a purchase.

4.   Storage Space

How much space do you have in your home and car? If you plan on traveling with the stroller, you have to ensure that it can actually fold down.

This is important to parents who do not have much room in their cars and homes. In case the stroller does not fold down, you will need to ensure it remains fully assembled at all times.

For strollers that don’t fold, you will need a spacious car, for instance an SUV, to accommodate it.

5.   Handlebar Height

You have to consider your height as well as that of your partner/spouse. Given that not many spouses have the same height, try and find a stroller with an adjustable handlebar.

An adjustable handle is ideal because both parents can easily switch places. This enhances flexibility and prevents one person from being overworked.

6.   Child Positioning

The comfort of your child should always be the first priority. Your child should be well positioned in a way that doesn’t make them feel tired when placed on the stroller.

Consider whether your little one likes to take naps when riding in a stroller or car. Ask yourself whether jogging may make a difference.

If possible, go for a stroller that will provide a wide range of positions for your child. A good stroller gives your child options to relax, regardless of whether they are reclining or sitting upright.

Look for a stroller that will allow you to clip your child into position. This will help to protect your child from falling during the jogging session.


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