5 Tips For Leaving Your Car At Airport Parking

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Whether you are going away on business or for pleasure, you might want to leave your car at the airport. Parking in a long term car park is much more convenient than getting a lift, cheaper than hiring a taxi, and a lot less stressful than arriving by public transport. 

It is however important that your car is safe while you are away, read these five important tips to make sure your car is still in one piece when you return.

Pre-book your parking and choose the best space

The last thing you would want to do is arrive at the long term parking, only to find that it’s full. To avoid this, make sure you book online in advance, this should make your parking cheaper and safer. The busier the airport, the more important it is to pre-book. For example, Orlando Airport receives over 40 million travelers each year, making it essential to book in advance. By pre booking your Orlando Airport Parking in advance you can carefully choose a car park which is secure and close to the terminal. There might even be some great deals available when booking early.

When you arrive at the car park, you will then need to choose your parking space. When you are choosing a parking space at the mall, then you might want to choose one that is right outside the door. With long term parking, however, this isn’t as important. The most vital thing is that your car is safe. Consider the following:

  • Is the space sheltered
  • Is it safe
  • Is there enough space for you to comfortably park?

If you are parking in the winter, then choosing a sheltered space will be more important. This will ensure that you don’t return to your car to find it covered in snow and ice. Try to pick a parking space which is in full view of a CCTV camera where possible. This will make your car a much less attractive proposition for any would-be thieves. Don’t try to squeeze into a parking space just because it’s closer to the terminal. If the space is too small, then move on and look for another. People rush when they are flying, so are more likely to dent your car with their doors.

Check your tires

When a car is left stationary for an extended time, even the smallest leak can cause the tires to go flat. You should check your tires, or have a garage do it for you. Returning to a car with flat tires after a long flight is not a nice experience.

Disconnecting the battery

Few people bother to disconnect their battery, but if you are traveling for a week or more then you should consider doing so. It only takes a second and is very easy to do. If you’re not sure how to do it, then take a look on Youtube. This will make sure that any drain on your battery is removed, guaranteeing you can start your car when you return. However, remember this will likely cause your radio to go into secure mode. Check you have the security code to reactivate the radio.

Leave all valuables at home

If you have anything valuable on display in your car then it can make it very attractive to a thief. Even small items like small change and toll transponders can become targets. Make sure anything you are not taking with you on your trip is either left at home or not left on display. 

Take a photo of your receipt

It’s all too easy to lose your parking receipt when your mind is so busy rushing for your flight and traveling to your destination. While you still have it, snap a photo of it on your phone quickly. This will hopefully avoid any unexpected costs from losing your parking ticket.

Parking at the airport should make your holiday or business trip less stressful. As long as you follow the five simple tips above, you should be able to return to your car in the same condition as you left it. This will make your trip much more enjoyable.


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