Ways To Inject Some Thrills Into Your Summer

Written by Lucie Johnsen

There are plenty of things to do this summer, so don’t let any poor weather and long workdays stop you from enjoying some of these fun, innovative things to do, either alone, or with friends. It’s time to start injecting a little thrill into your life, so let’s show you how.

Connecting With Nature

During summer we often feel that we have more energy than we do during the colder months, which is the perfect opportunity for us to start appreciating the exhilarating outdoors. Next time you start to walk around in nature, take your shoes off, feel the grass in between your toes; connecting to the elements of nature is surprisingly healthy and beneficial for you. Another way to connect with nature is to start growing your own plants. Start simple; grow some mint and chilli peppers on your windowsill. If that’s too slow for you, start riding a bike or go out on warm evenings with friends; make your last destination a country pub or your favourite coffee shop.

Connect With Your Spirit

Humans are naturally very spiritual creatures, even if sometimes we don’t feel we are. The astrology behind our birthdays can be incredibly telling, and the magnetic energy fields that resonate from the moon and affect our seas are said to also affect our moods. When things feel a little off-kilter, it can be great to partake in some psychic readings and really get to learn what the universe has to offer and the blockages it may be bestowing upon you currently. Learn to accept and engage with your spiritual side.

Take advantage of the warmer, lighter evenings and enjoy your psychic readings with friends over a nice glass of wine. There can be nothing more rewarding than learning and following your spirit on a journey with the people who you’re closest too.

Try Cooking New Dishes

They say summer is a mindset. The foods we eat and the way we behave during each season contributes to the way we live during these times. In summer, we naturally have less of an appetite. However, we do still need to eat wholesome food. Try following a cookbook and exploring with some new dishes; getting yourself in the kitchen is a brilliant distraction from troubling thoughts as well as being incredibly nutritious for your body and mind. Throw in some summer herbs such as basil, oregano and parsley. Add some mint to your drinks and a lime. Use paper straws and recycle them, and bring a little bit of summer right to your kitchen. There is plenty to enjoy!

Adding a little excitement into summer doesn’t have to be difficult, and along the way, you can bring a little more health and happiness into your life, assist your mental health and feel ready for the autumn ahead. Think colourful; think outside your comfort zone; and enjoy your summer!


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