The ultimate pillow for side sleepers from Kally Sleep

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It has ALL being going on in my bedroom this last week.

(Not like that, rude.)

First I closed down my neighbourhood one woman peep show by getting the new blind, and now I have a NEW PILLOW. I know, I know, it’s pretty racy. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone ever complains about being fed up or lacking a purpose when there’s excitement like this potentially around every corner.

Kally Sleep side sleeper pillow review

Perhaps this pillow will be the thing that stitches my midlife unravelling back together? Okay, so that’s unlikely, but still, it’s nice to at least be comfy in bed while you wrestle with your existential thoughts.

The pillow in question is the ‘ultimate side sleeper pillow’ from Kally Sleep.

Here’s what the website says about it:

‘The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow has been designed to give side-sleepers balanced support, helping to prevent neck and back pain during sleep. Its walled sides help to align your head, neck and spine and offer an extra level of quality comfort, maintaining its shape over long periods of use.’

And here’s what I say about it:

‘It’s a comfy pillow.’

God, I have such a way with words don’t I? I’m available for copywriting work, just email me.

One thing I really like about it is the box shape, referred to in the description as the ‘walled sides’. This isn’t something you probably think about – I’d certainly never thought about it – but I realised that my old pillows didn’t have this and I’ve noticed the difference. My previous pillows were just regular old pillow shape – two rectangles of material stitched together. This means the pillows flattens out around the edges.

The Kally Sleep side sleeper pillow is a box shape, with walled sides, so instead of thin edges the filling gets evenly spread out across the whole pillow and provides better support to your neck. Never again will I have to yank the pillow under my neck, wedging it in to try and give my neck more of the pillow action.

Kally Sleep pillow review

The website says the side sleeper pillow is ‘medium’ firmness, but I found it more on the soft side of medium. That’s not to say it feels flimsy, just that it has a lot of give in it – you definitely sink into it. I personally like this. My idea of hell in a pillow is firm memory foam and this pillow is the opposite end of that scale. While it’s soft and flexible though, it still manages to be supportive – much more so than I expected when I first squished it.

I’d say I’m generally quite hard to impress with things like pillows, more through a naive lack of awareness of my own surroundings than cold, hard cynicism, but I can honestly say that I noticed a difference in my sleep the very first night I used the Kally Sleep side sleeper pillow. It’s hard to describe, but it was a feeling of waking up and not being able to remember much about the night, when normally I’m very aware of the passing of time as I fidget my way through the small hours.

Kally side sleeper pillow review

Me ‘testing’ the pillow with a small midday lie down.

The side sleeper pillow is just one in Kally Sleep’s extensive range of pillows, which includes pillows for kids, anti-snore pillows, pregnancy support pillows and the full body pillow – a giant, comfy sausage of a pillow that fits along the whole length of your body, supporting every bit of you – head, neck, back, hips, the lot. (Also doubles as pretend boyfriend if you miss having something to spoon.)

Obviously a pillow is a very personal choice, and choosing a pillow is not a decision that should be taken lightly given how much of your life you spend with it. What’s sends me off to sleep pillow wise might not do it for you and vice versa. Fortunately Kally Sleep offers a 14 night sleep trial, so if you don’t absolutely love their pillows you can get a full refund.

You’ve literally got nothing to lose.

Check out the pillows at Kally Sleep and treat yourself to a great night’s sleep.

Kally sleep pillow review


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