The Most Instagrammable Locations in Nassau


If you plan to head to Nassau this summer chances are you’ll want to take some photographs. Most of us love taking photos of our Beach rentals in Nassau, our food, and even the beach itself. However, some of us also like to upload those photographs to social media. If this appeals to you then you may want to take some extra special photos.

The good news is there are some beautiful locations in Nassau which means you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of the most Instagrammable locations in Nassau:

The Straw Market

The Straw Market is the ideal place for you to snap a few photographs. This is a very colourful market that also has an amazing atmosphere. Full to the brim of products made from straw and wood, you’ll want to have your camera at the ready. Snap a few photographs of the straw hats bundled sky high. Take a few pictures of the elegant wood carvings. There really is ample opportunity for you to get the perfect photograph at the Straw Market.

Please note, the market is always busy so you may want to get a few shots while you can. However, if you don’t mind having other people in your photographs then snap away. The locals are pretty friendly and don’t seem to mind people taking photographs. However, if you want to photograph a particular stall it’s always good to ask the owner first.,

The Underwater Sculpture Garden

Located on western Nassau Island is the underwater sculpture garden. This is a spot that you must visit while you’re on holiday in Nassau. Rent a yacht in the Bahamas and take a cruise to this beautiful underwater location. If your camera is waterproof you may want to take the opportunity to dive into the blue waters and take some photographs. The waters are blue for as far as your eyes can see. The sculptures are huge and are a real sight to behold. Take as many photographs as you can from all sorts of angles.

You may also want to snap a few photographs of the fish you’ll see too as they’re usually quite beautiful. The underwater sculpture garden is part of Clifton Heritage National Park and is simply amazing. The highlight is, of course, the sculptures but you may also want to head to Jaws Beach where the last Jaws movie was filmed.

Parliament Square

If you are a lover of architecture you need to head to Parliament Square. The pink buildings located on the square really stand out and look lovely against the dark blue sky.  Elegantly decorated and a great example of colonial architecture, the buildings just have to be seen and photographed.

Try to visit Parliament Square early on in the day if you can as it’s less likely to be busy and full of people. Snap as many photographs as you can especially when it’s busy as chances are you’ll get a really good photograph or two. You may also want to visit Parliament Square during the evening as it always looks lovely.

The Wild Pigs

If you have the chance to venture out from Nassau you may want to make your way to the Exumas. Here you will find Pig Beach which is home to approximately 20 wild pigs. These pigs are nothing short of delightful. They spend their days swimming in the clear waters keeping cool and they’re very friendly too.

The locals think that the pigs were brought to the area many years ago. Sailors are reported to have dropped them off on the island with a view to eating them at a later date. However, the sailors did not return and the pigs survived on food that was dumped by other ships. There is also a rumour that the pigs escaped from one of the smaller islands. No matter why or how the pigs like to call the beach their home they are a delight to see. Usually fed by tourists and the locals the pigs are very happy and will help you get a few lovely photographs.

The Queen’s Staircase

Also known as the “66 Steps”. The Queen’s Staircase is a must-visit destination. It’s also the ideal location to visit if you want some amazing photographs for Instagram. Carved out of limestone by some slaves between 1793 and 1795, these steps are stunning. The steps allow you to get from Fort Fincastle to Nassau easily. With palm tress on one side and a limestone wall on the other side, there are many photo opportunities here.

You may be interested to know that you can only see 65 of the 66 steps. This is because some of the pathway up to the steps was once paved over. However, it’s still well worth a visit as this often-used location is beautiful.

Nassau is absolutely the ideal destination for anyone who loves to upload photographs to Instagram. Full of amazing sights you will have no problem finding the perfect shot. Visit the Straw Market and get a few photographs of the busy Market. Spend some time in the Underwater Sculpture Garden before heading to Parliament Square. Don’t forget to head to Pig Beach where you’ll find some very friendly pigs who love to swim in the water all day long. Lastly, head to the Queen’s Staircase and snap a few pictures there too. Your Instagram account will look good thanks to the wonderful locations that Nassau so readily provides.


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