Top 5 things to get for your teenage son or daughter’s birthday


Teenagers can be confusing at the best of times, and as they get closer to the age where they are leaving home their taste in gifts can change dramatically. They might be starting to look towards things they may find useful for adult life rather than just cute little trinkets or luxuries. If you have an older teen who has a birthday coming up and don’t just want to give them cash, these ideas could help inspire you to think of the perfect gift.

A used car

Even if they haven’t yet passed their driving test, its always a good idea to be on the hunt for a cheap used car to get them started. Ask around with friends, family and neighbours as someone may be interested in selling but haven’t got round to advertising yet. Your teen will really appreciate this gift for years to come.

car safety essentials

Personalised license plates

If your teen already has a car of their own that they love, why not get them a personalised license plate? They’re totally unique, fun and can be kept for years to come. You could even let them choose their own as part of the gift to make it even more personal to them. If your daughter or son doesn’t drive yet, then there are loads of different sorts of personalised gifts for her or him online.

Start them a savings account

Whether your teen is soon looking to head off to uni or rent their own place, starting them a savings account could be just the start they need. Put a little bit of money in it yourself to get them started and agree an amount with them to set aside each month to add to it for a new car, rainy day fund or even just uni nights out. After all, it’s never too early to start saving.

A camera

I know what you’re thinking – ‘what’s the point of a camera when everyone just has them on their phone?’ Well true, but there is also something very nostalgic about going back to basics with a polaroid camera and creating actual photographs that they can hold in their hand or pin to a noticeboard. Polaroid cameras are timeless and are more popular than ever at the moment. They were even voted as one of the best gifts for girls by Good Old Gifts!

Personalised champagne

If they’re turning 18, how about a bottle of personalised champagne? At Say It With Champers you can choose from a whole range of labels for different occasions and then personalise them with names, dates of births and your own messages. A really lovely keepsake and you might even get a glass yourself!


Teens love to experiment with their look, but cheap box dyes and cutting hair themselves probably won’t get them the results they are after. Seal the deal on the next few years Christmas and birthday presents by paying for them to have their hair coloured and cut in a luxury salon and maintained twice a year. Lovely hair for them, no hard work present hunting for you!


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