How to choose your first baby stroller


how to choose a stroller

Buying the perfect baby stroller can be easy for someone who is experienced, but could be a lot of work for a first-timer. You want to buy one that suits all your needs as well as your budget. Whether you are buying it for yourself or someone else, there are many things you need to consider first before spending your money. Whether you are buying a secondhand single stroller or looking for the best double jogging stroller, you have to ensure to check its functionality. That said, below is a guide on how to choose the perfect stroller;


When buying your first baby stroller, it is important to check the weight. Heavy strollers are perfect for bumpy terrains and good if you love jogging. They are made of high quality materials and with strong wheels. If you feel that you don’t need a heavy one, you can go for a lightweight stroller which is more portable and relatively cheaper. If you are likely going to use the stroller when in the mall, then you can buy a slim and lighter one as it will be easy to navigate a crowded area.

Folding capabilities

Are you a frequent traveler? Then you may want to find a stroller that easily folds to fit small spaces. This allows for portability and that is what you want. Also, some strollers require a little bit of work when folding, so if you will frequently have to get it in and out of the car, then ensure to get one that easily folds. If you are only likely going to use the stroller when taking walks in your neighborhood, then it may not be necessary to choose one that folds easily.


Cost is a major consideration when it comes to buying a stroller. Before setting out to go buy one, then ensure to slate a flexible budget for it. This way, you will have an easy time choosing your stroller because you have a specific amount of money you intend on spending. Also, before spending your money always ensure that your option is worth what you are spending. You can check Little Baby Gear for great strollers with ranging prices.

Your style

This may not be as important but there is no harm in choosing a stroller that suits your style. Having considered all the other important factors, you can choose one that you feel aligns with your sense of style. However, make sure that it functions to suit all your need and that of your baby as those are the most important things.

Wrap up

Choosing a stroller is not easy, and having the wrong one can be a headache especially after you start using it. That is why it is important to be keen when buying your first stroller. You want your baby to be comfortable and you also want to have an easy time while pushing it. The above things will set you at the right foot when buying your first stroller.



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