Does your child like to copy you? Some thoughts on kids’ perfumes and impending parenthood

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Hey guys, it’s Bee here. You might remember me from such exciting events as being pregnant with SSM’s first grandchild! I’m about half way through now so not long to wait. The baby is parboiled, if you will.

Anyway, this got me thinking about when I was younger and how much I looked up to my mum. It seems crazy to me that when I was about three years old and have my earliest memories of her, she was only 20, which is over three years younger than I am now! I can’t imagine being my age and having a six-year-old child, I really don’t know how she did it. I guess because she was a young mum I always looked up to her and thought she was really cool, as well as my aunty who is 13 years older than me who I saw a lot of the time growing up.

Baby Bee

Baby Bee

I have some really vivid memories of wanting to be exactly like them.

I remember always thinking my mum was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen – I’m sure a lot of little girls think that about their mummies too.

Cough compliment me fetus cough.

I remember this pair of blue high heels that my mum had that I swore from about the age of six that I could “nearly fit into” and used to practice walking around in them. The funny thing is that now I’m a grown up, I’m about a size 5/6 while my mum is more of a 7, so I guess the blue high heels were never destined for me after all.

It’s only 3 days until I find out the sex of my baby (eeeeEEEEeeeeee) but if it’s a girl I want her to know that it’s okay to look up to people you admire and want to be like them. I’m not saying I agree with 12 year old aspiring to be Kim Kardashian or anything, but when it’s toddlers who want to act like their mums and dads I think it’s super cute. This got me thinking about some of the things I could get for him or her that would be similar to some of the things I have.

When I was younger I always loved it when my step-mum would give me a little spritz of her perfume when she was putting some on to go out – it always made me feel really grown up and special, so maybe a kids’ perfume would be something I could look into if they were ever interested in that kind of thing. I love the idea of getting ready in the morning, squirting on a bit of perfume, and a little me doing the same, watching me out of the corner of her eye.

I also love skincare but I have very sensitive skin, so if my baby is anything like me then they’ll probably need something super gentle, even when they get a bit older. I’ve been browsing the Notino website recently, as they do a lot of lovely make-up and skincare for mums AND kids, and I like the look of the Avène skin care range. It uses Avène thermal water and can be used to treat a lot of sensitive skin conditions. Bioderma looks fab too, and does a special range for sensitive baby skin as well as adult ranges, so we could even have matching skin care!

I know it’s cringy but I’m not totally averse to matching outfits either – imagine all the super cute Instagram pics you could get with a matching pair of shoes or dunagrees!

Do your children like to copy everything you do?

Is there anything that you’ve bought for them as a child friendly version of the things you use yourself?

Bee's graduation

Grown up Bee


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