3 Top Seaside Honeymoon Destinations


If you are reading this right now, chances is that you would want to get married. Needless to say, planning a wedding is not an easy gig. It is a hectic job where everything is going to feel like it is working against you. Most probably, everything will go wrong. Do not worry. Although, nothing planned is ever as good as the rushed last minute choices; if it doesn’t work out, at least you get a good story out of it. But, this is not the point. Being so wound up right before a wedding does not give anyone a chance to enjoy the start of a new lifetime with a teammate that you love. This is why after such trauma, you need a break to relax together and truly celebrate the essence of your relationship.

But where to go? Here are three luxurious honeymoon destinations to get you in the mood:

Capri, Italy

This beautiful island off the coast of Naples has been a popular destination ever since the 1950s. Other than it hosting two popular film festivals, the island is a place for other national, religious and cultural festivals. You would be surprised with how romantic it is to go on such an adventure; immersing yourselves in a new culture and celebrating with the natives. If this is not enough, there is more. The beauty of the natural sites; like, the Blue Grotto, is guaranteed to rid your minds off of the residual stress of the wedding.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you feel like a change of atmosphere and cultural vibe, there is nowhere better to go than Cape Town in South Africa. Being a coastal city, it is famous for diving hotspots which are perfect if either one of you feels like they made a mistake; just feed your husband or wife to one of the friendly sharks. The city is an all round destination. It offers everything from world-class restaurants to shopping spots to a hot nightlife scene.

Saint Lucia

East of the Caribbean lies a little piece of heaven known as the isle of Saint Lucia. If you are a couple who live to be captivated by nature, this is the perfect place for you. The country is well known for its captivating mountains, as well as, its volcanic beaches. Saturated with culture, St. Lucia is an ideal place to go if all you want to do is surround yourself with a positive vibe. Make sure you time your visit with the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. It is the biggest event of the year there.

As a conclusion, It is understandable if you find yourself even more confused between which destination to pick. In addition to the huge lists of places that you have already compiled, this list of three regions, each more attractive than the one before, does not help.

However, keep in mind that no matter what place you pick, as long as you are there with the right person, everything will be picture perfect.


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