5 sunny holiday ideas to get you through the winter


With the daylight barely lasting until 5pm these days, it can be difficult to imagine that just a few months ago we were sat outside in the balmy summer air at 10pm with a light jacket. The cold weather and long nights can be really depressing, even with the Christmas spirit pouring in thick and fast as we make our way through December.

It’s never too early to start thinking about a summer holiday, and even though Christmas is expensive, with teletext cheap holidays starting deposits from just £49 what’s stopping you spending your cosy evenings indoors planning the perfect affordable summer holiday?

I’ve been having a look online for some inspiration of places to visit. If you fancy it, start a little Pinterest board of cool and fun places you’d like to go so you definitely remember them for the summer. Here are some of my favourite destinations at the moment.


I’ve been to Barcelona before, but there’s so much to see and do there that you always need more time than you think you will. A lot of people travelling go to Barcelona for a day trip while visiting other parts of Spain, but I’d fancy turning it into a holiday in itself. If you love the beaches more than anything you could go for an all inclusive resort and spend most of your time relaxing, or if soaking up culture is more your thing then you could head into the city and try loads of local restaurants. Maybe I could put into practice those weeks I spent learning Spanish to go on a date?

holidays in barcelona


If beautiful beaches are definitely your thing, then Cyprus has so many to offer. Cyprus is also known for its wine regions, in case like me you fancy the ‘occasional’ drink on holiday. While you may think that Cyprus is mainly about sunny beaches, it has loads of fascinating historical sites and cultural destinations as well as places to do water sports, mountain biking and all kinds of non-lying-down-on-a-sun-lounger activities.


Corfu is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece. The breath taking views will be sure to keep your Instagram filled with beautiful blue sea and white sand all year. The rugged shores play hosts to many secret hidden fine dining spots as well as relics from this islands interesting and varied past before it was united with Greece in 1864. Explore the palaces and ruins as well as the party atmosphere of Kavos.


When you think of a gorgeous luxury style all inclusive holiday out in the sun, how could you not think of Dubai? The ultra modern architecture and magnificent skyline makes this one of the most unique and memorable cities in the world, all still within easy access of beautiful beaches and coast lines. Even the shopping centres are out of this world, with an Olympic sized ice rink within Dubai Mall and real indoor ski slopes inside Mall of the Emirates. Because who doesn’t love hitting the slopes while picking up their shopping?

holidays in dubai


If you want to truly get away from it all for a week, the beautiful Greek island of Crete is definitely the place to do that. Only a 4-hour plane journey away from the UK, it still feels like you’re on a totally different planet. As Crete is the biggest Greek island of them all, you won’t run out of things to do there from early morning walks along the beach to late nights out in one of the picturesque and friendly bars. If you rent a car in Crete it’s easy to see the sites in comfort.


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