What you need to consider before choosing a new broadband deal


Whether you’re moving house or simply fancy a change in broadband provider, we all know we need to shop around for the best broadband deals and contracts. But what exactly do we need to look for when choosing a new broadband provider? Often we are roped into long contracts that we aren’t able to change, so you need to know that you’ve got the best deal and provider for you. Most of us usually don’t take that much time to search around for the ideal deal. We are more prone to going to one of the top ‘big’ brands, despite that fact that the best broadband deals can come from the most unexpected places. With a string of good reviews and a checked, reliable connection, you can find a fantastic deal that doesn’t come from the popular brands.

Here are some top tips to make sure you get the right broadband for your home.

Check what your needs are

Before you start, have a real think about your needs. Do you need super fast internet or do you only use it to browse the web occasionally? Will you be using it for work or just for pleasure in the evenings? Do you only need broadband or will you need phone and TV included in your package as well? Have a think about what exactly you will use it for and any broadband provider you speak to will help you put together the type of package that’s right for you.

Check the price

Obviously, a massive thing to consider is how much it will cost. Are you happy with the price you’re paying at the moment or are you changing providers to hopefully cut costs? Make sure you know exactly how much you’re paying for broadband now as if you let future providers this figure it might provide them with an incentive to beat the price with a cheaper quote. Make sure you know how expensive you are willing to go before you enter into any contract.

Check what deals are available

Christmas and Black Friday are great times to get really cheap deals from well-known providers, but it also can’t help to shop around further at any time of year. Use price comparison websites to check what sort of price ranges are available to you. If you have a mobile phone or television provider, check what deals they would be able to offer you by adding broadband to your existing contract package. It’s also worth asking around with family and friends to see if they’ve managed to get a good deal recently.

Check the reviews

While a contract may be cheap and offering everything you need, it may turn out to be too good to be true. It’s always best to look at reviews, either online, in magazines such as Which, or even ask family and friends how they find their providers are. As well as the broadband service it’s a good idea to find out what their customer service is like. Are they easy to contact? Do they fix problems easily at no extra cost? These are all important things to think about.

Check the signal

While a company may advertise amazing signal, when actually installed in your home the results may vary. Most companies have a signal checker on their website to make sure your area is going to get a good signal, but especially if you live in a rural location it can be a good idea to check with immediate neighbours to see which providers they use and if the signal is any good. After all, a consistent internet connection is going to be what is most important when it comes to actually deciding on a new broadband deal for your home.


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