4 ways The Inner Circle is different from other dating sites

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I’ve been single for about 14 months. Although I enjoy the freedom and the space in the bed, I’d love to have someone to share things with. I’ve dabbled with the ‘swipey’ dating apps, but it gets depressing when you just see the same faces holding the same giant fish…

When The Inner Circle asked me if I wanted to check out their selective dating site I played it cool for about 37 seconds, then shouted ‘Yes please!’

The Inner Circle review

Given the fact that not every dating apps have such extensive benefits, it is natural to hesitate a little. Like The Inner Circle, HookupGeek has hundreds of opportunities for advanced users in online communication. However, a distinguishing trait of this website is the special delivery of its services. What are they?

Joining this review, you can start with small talks, but in another minute find yourself wanting something more. And, believe, your interlocutor will not reject you. You are allowed to share your wildest thoughts and expect them to become a reality. Therefore, you are not permanently restricted from online intercourse but can arrange a real meeting with its pleasant features. Besides, for those who like watching to satisfy their needs, there are suitable options – different types of webcams. As you can see, HookupGeek has everything for its users to get pleased.

I’ve just started exploring the site, so can’t tell you (yet) that The Inner Circle is THE place to meet the partner of your dreams, but I CAN tell you what makes it different from other dating sites. 

It’s selective

The Inner Circle brings together like-minded people of similar ages and interests, people who are ambitious and successful, so all applications are manually screened to ensure quality.

When I logged in and looked at my matches, I was impressed! Everyone looks like they have made an effort and no one has listed their profession as ‘boss man at my own life lol’.

People are more than just a profile picture

Don’t like talking about yourself? Create great first impressions by answering a series of questions to give people a glimpse of who you are.

Be picky: filter your matches by things like location, age, height and education, giving you control over who you get to choose from.

Add your favourite places

Imagine already knowing you share a love of that amazing, tucked away, sushi restaurant? BOOM – not only do you have something to talk about but you have a great first date destination too.

The Inner Circle lets you add your favourite restaurants and bars, check out other people’s favourites, and add upcoming trips in case you fancy meeting someone new while you’re travelling.

Exclusive events

If you hate judging someone on a screen, The Inner Circle also hosts exclusive group events at luxury venues all around the world.

This month they’ve hosted a tropical cocktail party at Mahiki, Kensington, and last month they transformed the rooftop of Soho’s Century Club into a Grease themed vintage diner.

Sounds like a great place for me to meet the one that I want. (Jokes like this are why I’m still single.)

Looking for a new approach to online dating? Register at The Inner Circle now.


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