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Belle has changed a lot over the years, particularly the last couple, but one of the things that hasn’t changed is her love of Halloween. I don’t know what it is about it, but she loves it. At the beginning of October she changed her phone background to pumpkins and told me to watch out because it was ‘spooky season’.

Ever since she was small Belle has loved dressing up for Halloween and over the years we’ve hosted Halloween parties, bobbed dozens of apples and even made our own trick or treat balloons. Last year Belle and her friends hosted a Halloween party at school for the younger kids and one year she won a Halloween fancy dress competition at a holiday park we were staying at, dressed as a ‘cereal killer’. She’d collected empty cereal boxes for weeks in advance and was VERY proud of herself. (You can see the costume here.)

Safe to say then, Belle has always loved Halloween.

Halloween at wilko

I make the point to give you an idea of how excited Belle was when wilko got in touch to ask us to have some fun trick or treating with their Halloween range.

Halloween is definitely for all ages and seems to be more and more popular with teenagers particularly, probably thanks to all the gruesome TV shows they watch and the opportunity that Halloween presents to legitimately wear ripped fishnets. Belle has even been invited to Halloween parties this year. Who knew teens loved Halloween so much?

Sadly she’s had to turn down the party invitations as this Halloween we are going to Ireland to stay with my sister and her family. My niece and nephew, who are 7 and 9, love doing Halloween with Belle as she does their make-up for them and takes it very seriously. My nephew, Finn, was less keen the year Belle wanted to make him up as Pennywise the clown, but they have that sort of relationship: Belle scares him on purpose, he cries – classic cousins right? (Hopefully.)

While we’re there we’ll be having a Halloween party and trick or treating, and we’ll definitely be taking a lot of the wilko Halloween goodies with us. Wilko has such a great Halloween range and low prices too, so you can kit yourself out completely without screaming in fright at your next credit card bill. (See what I did there?)

To get us (and you) into the spooky spirit Belle and I had a trial run with some of wilko’s Halloween decorations, make-up and costumes to show you how to do trick or treating RIGHT. We roped in Josie, one of Belle’s younger friends, to help us.

Have a watch now:

Did you spot the ‘loot scoop‘? It’s a disembodied hand on a stick, with a bag underneath for collecting treats. That was one of Belle’s favourite things and we’re going to be taking that to Ireland with us, if only for Belle to be able to poke Finn with from a distance.

The red dress belongs to Belle, but Josie teamed it with a pair of wilko skeleton tights, fishnet gloves, a Day of the Dead hairband and witch make-up, while Belle wore the wilko skeleton bride costume – a snip at just £9, including the headdress –  and a £3 black wig, perfect for families on a budget.

halloween costumes wilko

Josie’s witch make-up comes in a kit that includes face paints, the blue lipstick, a sponge and make-up brush and the spider stickers. It’s only £2, which I think is amazing value for an entire Halloween make-up look.

The design on the bride costume is very cool too. Things have come a long way since I was small and we used to just cut a head and arm holes in a bin liner and call it a witch costume.

wilko Halloween costumes

Wilko has a massive range of Halloween decorations as well as costumes and make-up – wilko is basically a one stop shop for Halloween – and I particularly loved the gel hand prints. If you didn’t want to go all out turning your front garden into a spooky graveyard then these are subtle but scary – enough decoration to show potential trick or treaters you’re up for visitors without having to cover your whole house in spray on cobwebs.

We also had a paper bat garland and a skeleton bride. Belle said the skeleton bride’s wispy few strands of hair looked like mine. Rude.

wilko halloween decorations

The wilko ceramic pumpkin is ace too, and a great alternative to a real pumpkin if, like me, you end up every year with a rotting pumpkin on your doorstep for three weeks because you keep forgetting to add it to the food waste collection. I know that carving a pumpkin can be fun, but if you’re less into slicing your fingers open in the attempt to carve a scary mouth and more into popping a tea light into a ready made glittery pumpkin then this would be a good choice.

We put it outside for the video, but it would also look good as a centrepiece in a fireplace or on a mantlepiece if you like to decorate inside for Halloween too.

cermaic pumpkin wilko

We had great fun making our Halloween video and it definitely got us into the spooky spirit, plus I got to eat a mini fudge, which is always nice.

I’d love to know what you get up to at Halloween – do you go trick or treating? Are you big into costumes and decorations? If so they do pop into your local wilko to check out the Halloween range or you can shop online at wilko.com and take advantage of their low delivery cots or free order and collect service.

wilko Halloween ranges



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