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Today was a bit of a momentous occasion in our house. After 12 years of ‘I hate school, don’t make me go,’ Belle sat her very last GCSE exam.

*pours stiff gin*

It was a bit of a funny day in the end. I did think she might want to go out afterwards to celebrate, but when she got into the car outside school at about 3.30pm she just seemed exhausted.

‘Take me home’, she said ‘so I can get into bed.’ And there she sat, seemingly quite happy, eating Krave out of the box.

Luckily I had expected that she might not be feeling at her most sociable, so I decided to take her out to eat on Monday instead – a kind of last supper. Except it was lunchtime. And nobody got crucified. Otherwise it was EXACTLY the same.

We went to Zizzi as we had an exclusive 30% off mains offer from VoucherCodes.

prawn starter Zizzi VoucherCodes

(When you go to Zizzi, make sure you have this prawn starter. The flavour of the sauce is AMAZING.)

I feel like I’m pretty on the ball when it comes to looking for discount codes generally. Before I moved back to Taunton I lived in Bristol with a man who I swear wouldn’t buy so much as a pint of milk without seeing if he could find a discount code, so I am well trained to look for offers before I buy anything at all.

What I didn’t realise is that VoucherCodes often has exclusive deals with retailers, so you can find offers you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’ve always just assumed that all of the voucher sites would have the same codes, but NOT SO.

I had a browse.

These are just a few of my favourite VoucherCodes exclusives at the moment:

  • 20% off at Hotter Shoes
  • 30% off your total food bill at Bella Italia
  • £10 Amazon voucher with booking over £90 at Travelodge
  • 25% off orders over £50 at Forever 21

(Obviously these have expiry dates, so I can’t promise they are all live when you read this, but you get the idea – they are GOOD.)

It’s not all online either – it’s definitely worth downloading the VoucherCodes app so you can search for offers and discounts to use in store or in restaurants too, as my trip to Zizzi demonstrates.

I’ve not been to Zizzi in a while as in Taunton it’s tucked away behind the town centre and I tend to forget about it. I was excited to see the new menu, and interested to see nice touches, like the fact that all of the pasta dishes are available as wholewheat or gluten free pasta.

Zizzi discount codes VoucherCodes

Belle was quite chatty, chomping her way through arancini balls and spicy chicken red pesto pasta, while I swooned over prawns and tortelloni. We had two courses each plus drinks and with our VoucherCodes discount it only came to a smidge over thirty pounds. It felt like a treat, but with enough change leftover to buy Belle a birthday cake flavour lip balm.

(Don’t ask.)

Now we just have to wait until August for GCSE results.

Belle is already negotiating the pay off she thinks she could get for different grades, but I’m thinking that VoucherCodes could help me save a bit of cash here too. Rather than offering money, I could offer an amount to spend somewhere she loves, like Forever 21, and secretly spend 25% less.

Or perhaps I will just pay her in discounted arancini balls.

I won’t tell her if you don’t.

Get your voucher for 30% off mains at Zizzi now

Zizzi discount codes VoucherCodes

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