Situations Where You Need A Lawyer


Vehicle Accidents

If you feel you may be at fault when an accident occurs, you may need professional guidance for a number of reasons. First, every accident is investigated not only by the police at the scene of an accident but also by the insurance companies of each driver that is involved in the accident. This is why it is important to consult with a vehicle accident lawyer if the findings of either or both insurance companies are not in your favor or you feel that what occurred may be misrepresented in any way in the police report. A lawyer will also tell you if you have cause to pursue an injury case as well as seeking medical attention to further solidify your claim.

Family Disputes

There are three major reasons to consider consulting a lawyer when serious family issues arise and that is custody problems and financial support of a spouse or children in a divorce situation. With custody, there are several legal terms that identify types of custody that a parent can have including joint legal custody, primary physical custody, and reasonable rights of visitation. All of these come with different legal stipulations that more than likely need to be explained by an attorney.

Financial considerations, either alimony or child support, are usually decided in some kind of arbitration done pre or post court dates. This usually means presenting financial records from both parties. It is wise to have someone who is not emotionally involved with the other party to argue this on your behalf.

Buying and Selling Property

Any type of property sale usually involves signing a contract connected to a mortgage or commission to a real estate broker as well as the preparation of the purchase agreement and other real estate documents necessary by law. To not only save time but to ensure that what you are being asked to pay does not change over time or is a final sale among other loopholes that you may not know to look for, it is always a good idea to retain a lawyer.

Wills, Estate Planning, and Living Trusts

Laws concerning all three of these items can change every few years, so retaining a lawyer to draft it will ensure that whichever option you choose upon your death will be created based on current state and federal tax laws so that your heirs will get the full measure of their inheritance without it being held up in court for possibly years.

Arrest or Police Questioning

Getting arrested calls for serious consideration on your part to possibly retain a lawyer, but depending on the circumstances surrounding being asked to come in for questioning, you may have to also consider calling a qualified attorney in the area of legal defense. Even though law enforcement is allowed to ask you to come in to answer a few questions, they really only need what is referred to as “reasonable suspicion” to detain you in this manner. A lawyer can determine if this is the case. If you are ever in trouble with the law, consider retaining a lawyer if you are arrested, but even if you feel you are in danger of being detained when you are asked to come in for questioning.


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