What Are Wood Flooring Grades?


There is more to a wood floor than just its material. For example, once you have decided to go for some beautiful oak flooring, you then need to decide on other aspects that are as important for the aesthetics of the floor. One of them is the grade of the wood. If you are a bit confused about what this means, fear not – you are not alone! Many people struggle with knowing how to choose flooring, and that is why Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are here to explain the different wood grades and their characteristics to help you find your dream look.

Prime Grade

This is the grade that looks the most uniform. The colour of the planks is very consistent and they will have little to no knots. This grade is suitable for a modern look or if you are looking for a clean-cut and sophisticated style. You can have prime grade in both solid and engineered wood floors, the latter of which are suitable with underfloor heating.  No matter whether you decide to put prime grade in a unique room or in the whole property for a feeling of fluidity, it will always look great!

Select Grade

Based on the number of knots, select would go just after prime for having a few more, but still not a lot. There is also a bit less consistency in the colour of the floor, but the result gives the floor a stylish edge. As well as this, the result is quite smooth and uniform but with a bit more of a natural look than the prime grade. Select grades are great when you are looking to improve the look of your home and add value to it. If you are looking for a similar look to prime grade but without the price tag, then select grade is made for you too!

Natural Grade

Natural grade is perfect when you are looking to reinforce the authentic look of the wood. This grade has many more knots and much more colour variation than the previous grades. This gives a gorgeous and homely aesthetic to your place. Similar to the other grades, you can find the natural grade not only on solid wood, but also on engineered wood flooring. The natural grade can really improve the look of your property by giving a relaxing, warm and welcoming touch that can totally transform a room.

Rustic Grade

This grade is the extreme opposite of prime grade. Rustic grade gives a lot of character to the floor and has a charming look. It has lots of big and chunky knots, giving the feeling that the wood has been untouched in the manufacturing process – and in some cases, it hasn’t! Rustic floors look full of colour, life and variation, making the floor one of the main focal points in a room. If you are looking for a country look for your place, then rustic grade is made for you, and gives your property an instant feeling of warmth and cosiness.

No matter how difficult the look you are going for is, since each has its own personality and suits lots of different styles, there is guaranteed to be a grade for you!


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