5 ideas for cool, vintage style clothes to buy in the Joanie sale

I have one New Year’s resolution this year – to wear more things with cats on.

I don’t mean actual cats – ALL of my clothes are covered in cat hair already – I mean pictures of cats.

This GENIUS idea came to me on New Year’s Day, when I happened to be wearing this cat print dress from a vintage clothing company called Joanie.

cat print dress

Joanie sells all kinds of cool, vintage style dresses, tops and skirts, in sizes 8-22. They offer free returns too, so you can try things on and not have to worry in case you accidentally look like a heffalump. (Except who would ever worry about that when you are wearing a cat dress?)

Joanie sent me a few pieces to try before Christmas, and I really loved all of them, so I thought I’d have a rummage through their sale and pick you out a few options.

You’re welcome.

Clemence Floaty Can Can Dancers Skirt

You can’t go wrong with a couple of floaty skirts in your wardrobe, and this can-can print is super sassy without being in your face. Plus it’s reduced from £28 to only £8.40. Absolute bargain.

cool vintage clothes sale Joanie

Kitty Cat Print Shift Dress

A cat print dress? Well how did THAT get in here?

Guys come on, just look. Cats. On a dress. And only £14. (Take note of the comments on this one though – you may want to go up a size or two to try it.)

cool vintage clothes sale Joanie cat print dress

Quincy Metallic Stripe Jumper

This was one of the items I was sent and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s very comfy and easy to wear, but the frills around the collar and cuffs and the sparkles make it feel glam. It’s half price – just £17.50.

cool vintage clothes sale Joanie jumper

I don’t own any other polo necks, but I think I might start wearing more of them as they made me feel kind of thoguhtful and yet melancholy, like I might be living in the 1960s and about to write a really good poem.

This is me practising my intense poetry look in the car:

intense poetry look

Basically Leonard Cohen

Twig Contrast Trim Dress

This is another one that I have already, and I really like this one too. The fabric is quite heavy, so it’s very flattering – nothing clings or skims the wrong bits. There are moments when I’m wearing it that I feel the urge to offer people refreshments from a trolley but I kind of like that as it makes me feel professional. It’s £22.80 in the sale and the sizing for me on this one was spot on.

cool vintage clothes sale Joanie dress

Ella Pencil Skirt – Rose

Although you might worry about a pencil skirt showing off too many curves, I’m here to tell you that the pencil skirt is YOUR FRIEND. I love a good pencil skirt, and reckon they are super sexy, whatever your size. Work that butt girl. You know you want to. And only SIX POUNDS?? What’s not to love??

cool vintage clothes sale Joanie pencil skirt

I’d definitely recommend having a browse through the Joanie website. Their pieces are quirky without being off the wall, and so far I’ve found everything very easy to wash and wear. Let me know if you find anything you love.

I was sent some pieces from Joanie to try for the purposes of this post. All opinions my own.




  1. 7 January, 2018 / 10:36 am

    I love Joanie Clothing I’ve bought quite a few bits from there over the last year or so! I now have my eye on that blue cat dress thanks to you…

  2. Zuzana
    8 January, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    I totally love their stuff :) bought about 10-12 items from the sale but still want more, they’re got such a lovely range of clothes ❤

    • Jo Middleton
      9 January, 2018 / 10:33 am

      They’re ace aren’t they?! I love it when I work with a brand and love them so much I know I’ll be going back again and again :-)

  3. 9 January, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    I love the look of this brand, it keeps popping up on my social feeds and I keep thinking that I would like the clothes, just not sure I have the confidence to carry the pieces off but I think 2018 might just be the year to try #livingfortilda

    • Jo Middleton
      10 January, 2018 / 3:02 pm

      Do it Jenny! Honestly, they aren’t outrageous at all – that’s what’s nice about them. They have personality, but they are crazy. I’m wearing the POW jumper today and I haven’t had any suspicious looks yet…

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