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It’s incredibly important we get our flooring just right, especially if our homes house young children, it’s vital to make sure our homes are as safe as possible. We’re going to take you through our guide of the best floors for family homes, and our top advice.

The flooring suggestions below are all easy to clean and maintain, but if you’re worried that not having carpet means your home will lack cosiness, then why not check out Land Of Rugs? Adding a rug gives you that extra warmth and colour and can add a finishing touch to any room.

The first we’re going to look at is the most cost effective on the market, laminate. The great thing with laminate is not only do you pay a fair and cheap price, you also get an incredibly reliable flooring for that price. It’s incredibly scratch resistant, and is durable with an excellent longevity. It simulates hardwood perfectly, and due to its layered construction it’s almost equally as hard wearing. It has an incredibly easy installation process, using the click-loc system. As the name suggests it simply clicks into place and is incredibly simple to do yourself without the need for a fitter.

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Another great option is vinyl tiles, a slightly more upmarket version of laminate but the best alternative for hardwood. It’s perfect for kitchen and bathroom areas due to its excellent water resistance, spillages are also incredibly easy to clean. It has a truly beautiful aesthetic and is slightly classier than laminate, imitating wood far more successfully. There is a wide range of designs available, with a number of shades and colours to choose from. It’s installed using the click-loc system or via a gluing method which is usually best done by a fitter as it can get a little complicated.

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The final option we’re going to look at is hardwood. An incredibly impressive flooring, and widely recognised as the best option on the market. Solid and engineered wood are easily the most hardwearing and durable options on the market, and comes in a wide range of finishes, designs, colours and shades, so there truly is something to suit every need. Engineered is our recommendation as the best for family homes. There are a large number of cheap engineered wood flooring options available meaning if you have a tighter budget, but still wanting hardwood there are options for you!

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To conclude, there are a number of different flooring options for family homes, we hope our guide has helped you to make your decision!

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