Get discounts on family shows and more with Amazon Tickets

I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you love taking your family to the theatre? (Maybe you’ve always wanted to take your kids but never quite got round to it – that counts too.)
  2. Did you know that Amazon sold discount theatre tickets?

If you answered YES then NO then welcome to my world.

(If you answered YES and YES then good work, go to the top of the class.)

I am probably one of Amazon’s best customers. I have Amazon Prime and man, I get value from my free delivery. I could be in the middle of doing something, like getting dressed, or hoovering, and I’ll suddenly think ‘Oooh, I really need one of those box files for all my documents…’ and boom, it’s ordered.

(Probably a little bit impulsive but I’ve never ended up with anything too ridiculous.)

I have an Amazon wish list for things I want, lists for other people… I’m ALL OVER IT.

And yet.

Until a couple of days ago I NEVER KNEW that Amazon sold theatre tickets! How have I missed this?? More to the point, how has Amazon, who seem to know I need microfibre cleaning cloths before even I do, failed to let me know?

You missed a trick Amazon! We love the theatre!

Anyway, now I know, so it’s okay.

Amazon Tickets actually launched back in 2015. It offers all Amazon customers quick and easy booking, low and all-inclusive prices and trusted customer experience when booking tickets to music, West End theatre, comedy and live events across the UK.

I love the idea of ordering tickets through Amazon like this as I always get a bit anxious booking tickets when it feels like there are half a dozen places you could buy them from, and you’re never sure which is going to give you the best deal.

June is Family Show Month at Amazon Tickets, so they have extra special offers on some really great family shows, like these.

Amazon Tickets family shows

A theatre trip would be a brilliant activity for the summer holidays, and I can personally recommend Horrible Histories. We saw one of their live shows at a festival a couple of years ago and it was absolutely hilarious – complete genius.

Have you seen any good family shows? What would be top of your Amazon Tickets wish list?

Pop on over the Amazon Tickets now to see how much you could save, and to plan your theatre adventure!

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  1. 20 June, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    Like you I am never far away from Amazon and there is usually an Amazon tab open on my computer. I had no idea they did tickets and that is fab, I want to take my son to the West End in the summer, so I will be heading over to Amazon now to book tickets.

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