7 things you might not know about EE home broadband

I currently have three mobile phone contracts.

EE home broadband

From the amount I spend on phones every month you might imagine I have some kind of secret, shady double life, but I don’t, I just have two children.

All three of my phone contracts are with EE, but even though that should probably make me a bit of an EE expert, I’d never considered EE for my home broadband before. I actually didn’t even know they did home broadband.

Sorry about that EE. My bad.

It’s stupid of me really, as one of the perks of EE broadband is that you get an extra 5GB of data every month on your EE pay monthly mobile data allowance, which is worth £10 a month. I do often go over my data allowance, especially if I’m out of the office a lot, so this would be very handy for me.

That’s reason number one for switching to EE home broadband.

So what else?

Other than moving house, I’ve never been without broadband at home for even a day. It’s going to sound pathetic, but the idea of switching, and potentially having no broadband, scares me a bit. I guess that as a blogger, being connected is kind of key to my work. Without broadband, I’d struggle to get things done, and that would have a knock on impact on my stress levels as well as my income.

We’re moving house in the next month, (fingers crossed), and if I want to be able to carry on working without some kind of stress induced breakdown, then I NEED broadband.

EE home broadband

It’s easy though to switch to EE. They tell your current provider, (so no high pressure sales over the phone while you try to cancel), and it could be as little as ten minutes that you have to go without the internet.


So that’s EE broadband fact number two. Here are a few more:

  • All EE broadband plans have unlimited data usage so you never have to worry about going over your limit.
  • EE’s Fibre Plus is nine times faster than standard broadband, which would be ideal for when I want to what upload videos to YouTube at the same time as Belle is watching slime tutorial videos.
  • The EE router fits through your letterbox, so you don’t need to wait at home for a delivery.
  • If you’re still in credit with another provider, you may qualify for a £50 switching credit.
  • EE offers the fastest speeds your line can handle and never slows you down, even at peak hours.

That all sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

If you’re intrigued, and are interested to see if you could switch to EE broadband, then visit their website here.

EE broadband


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  1. Graham Mason
    17 June, 2017 / 9:46 am

    I worked for BT in the customer services. Things to consider when changing broadband providers.

    1.. Check how long you have left on your current contract..as you could be hit with massive leaving charges.

    2. It will only be faster is Fibre has been set up by Open reach and how far you are from the telephone exchange..the further away from it the slower the speeds.

    3..Transfer of service peoviders can take take up to24 hours to work at full speed.

    4..Always read the terms and conditions..so many people and don’t understand what they have or that they are in a discounted contract.

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