6 ways to help save money

We live in the digital era, and we are lucky enough to have an app for everything nowadays. Some are fit to calculate enormous data volumes; others are created for sheer entertainment. They won’t be the focus of our article, though. But digital solutions tailored to make personal financial management as simple as cake, on the other hand, will.
Let’s proceed to our prominent list of financial lifesavers fit for everyone with at least one smart device.


The https://effectify.com/ service, a handy platform for credit card management is great for picking up the best kind of plastic. Modern banks, in an ongoing competition over new as well as returning clients come up with dozens upon hundreds of plans, advertisements, and discounts. Not all of them are the right fit for you, though. The effectify will help pick the best card for shopping, online transfers, debt management or travel.
No longer will you have to go through tons of supportive documentation to put your finger on what exactly is the bank offering and what it will demand in return. Neat, right?

Use a voucher code

Try sites like dealsqueen to find that discount code for your favourite store – there is no excuse for paying full price for anything! Look hard enough and you can find a voucher code for pretty much anything you want to buy. Find more advice on how to find the perfect voucher code at dealsdaddy.


This app is available for iOS and serves as a fine tracker of bills. Several levels of personalized passcode protection grant safe and friendly experience, while advanced, functional mechanics grant an overall view over all of your transfers, their due dates, impending payments and whatnot.
All in all, with this app you get a centralized system for management of all outgoing transactions with bells and whistles you never knew you needed but can’t live without once you gave them a shot.


A whole variety of e-commerce platforms is gathered within one app. Browse through Macy’s, Target and Best Buy from a single place and get a hold of all the best deals and discounts. Compare rates afterward and choose from where to purchase a product based on knowledge and data, not just a hunch.
It may seem that saving a few bucks on shopping now and then will only chip the overall state of your credit debt, but you will be simply amazed at the results in the long run.


This application is literal heaven for coupons in your Smartphone. You will have all sorts of deals and offers tucked neatly into your device to embrace the best shopping experience of a lifetime.
Not only that but you are also empowered to photograph and then digitalize analog (made of paper) coupons. You won’t need to carry them around anymore because they are stored in SnipSnap from now and forever.

Grocery IQ

Staying on track among marketing-filled rows of a supermarket can be a challenge. Juicy treats taunt you on every step. All of them are cleverly displayed with but a single purpose – for you to buy!
With Grocery IQ you will remain on track, and all potential impulses for unconsidered shopping will be obliterated on the go.


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