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I think I probably take my mum for granted sometimes. I’m not really a gushy sort of person – I prefer to show affection through mild teasing – but she’s not bad. I realise as I get older, and my children get older, how hard it actually is to ‘parent’ once your kids start to form their own opinions. (Damn them, being so sassy and confident.)

No one is perfect of course, but there are a lot of things about my mum that I am grateful for:

  • She is generous with her time and money
  • She is always supportive of me in times of crisis
  • She has a good sense of humour and is fun to hang out with

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s not get carried away. She also has way too many balls of wool in her house, and the state of her saucepans is shameful.

But still, she’s nice.

I’m very lucky with my whole family really. We are all just incredibly intelligent and witty and modest and quite honestly, anyone would be lucky to spend time with us. I mean look at us:

#Muminamillion Photobox Nectar

Basically the Kardashians. This photo is a few years old but it’s one of my favourites because there are so many of us all in one photo. (That’s me on the left, before my hair got quite so grey.)

We are also really fun, and know how to enjoy ourselves, which is why I turned that photo into a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle for my mum from Photobox. What better way to spend a quiet evening at home than to kick back with a puzzle? I love doing jigsaw puzzles. I predict in fact that jigsaw puzzles will be the next colouring in. They are the ultimate in mindfulness – you cannot think about anything else when you’re doing a jigsaw.

photo jigsaw

How to enter the millionaire draw

I made the puzzle and I’m talking about my mum to introduce a brand new partnership between Photobox and Nectar. For every pound you spend at Photobox you can collect two Nectar points, plus you can convert Nectar points on the Nectar website to voucher codes to spend at Photobox.

To celebrate the fact that you can now earn and spend Nectar points at Photobox, they’re running an amazing competition where you can win a million Nectar points.


A million is a lot. We had an assembly once when I was in primary school where the headteacher asked us how long we thought it would take us to count to a million if we counted at one per second and didn’t sleep. 11 days apparently. I have no idea what the context was, or what the moral of the story was meant to be, but that has stuck with me for thirty years.


I did a quick sum and I think one million Nectar points equates to £5,000 to spend in Sainsbury’s. Or how about £7,500 to spend at Pizza Express? At current prices, I make that 2,000 portions of dough balls. I could work with that.

To enter, all you have to do is link up your Nectar card to your Photobox account – instructions here – and you will automatically have your name put into the virtual hat. Who knows, those one million Nectar points could be yours!

The competition is running now until the end of the day, March 22nd, and full terms and conditions are available here. Once you’ve linked up your accounts, any orders you then place at Photobox before the closing date will gain you additional entries, so if you’ve had your eye on a canvas or some prints for a while, now’s the time to get them.

You can also get involved on social media, simply by posting a picture of your mum, using the hashtag #MumInAMillion. Post your picture between now and the 19th March and you could win a luxury hamper for mum plus £100’s worth of Photobox goodies and 20,000 Nectar points. There will be weekly winners too, so plenty of chances to win.

Link up your Nectar card to Photobox now and get posting your #MumInAMillion pictures – I’ll have my fingers crossed for you.

Good luck!

dough balls

Sponsored post. Image – Vima from shutterstock




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