REVIEW: SpaceCot from Hippychick + get to meet Bee’s new sister!

Today I have a review post from Bee, featuring her brand new baby sister! (On her Daddy’s side – I’ve not had a secret baby.)

I have a baby sister, Martha. She is small and very funny. Martha is only three weeks old. When she was born, we were all very surprised to see that she was a girl. Even though she cries a lot when she has to get her butt out, she is really so cute and I love her a lot. She is definitely in my top two favourite sisters. (I have two.)

Hippychick SpaceCot

Before Martha was even born, we were offered the chance to test out the super cool SpaceCot from Hippychick, an easy to use travel cot for babies. While Martha is still a little bit small to use it properly, we popped her in there to test it out and she had fun just chilling there in her room.

Recently I got a new camera so it was a great opportunity to take some pictures of young Marth in the SpaceCot. She was over two weeks late so we have been itching to try it out for ages!

Hippychick SpaceCot

What is actually amazing about the SpaceCot for Hippychick is how light and compact it is. The SpaceCot is based on technology that is used to make satellites unfurl at 30,000 miles above the Earth. It fits into a rectangular bag which has a sturdy handle so that you can carry it about anywhere. It’s not heavy at all so there is no need to struggle about with it with a car seat in one hand. It’s so compact and lightweight that it’s worth popping in the boot of a car for a night away, rather than having to make arrangements wherever you are staying. Because it’s so easy to carry it could even be taken onto a train and stored in the luggage rack if necessary.

Hippychick SpaceCot

The best part about the SpaceCot (apart from it’s cool name) is that it takes literally five seconds to put up. Literally five seconds. The first time I put it up, I didn’t even read the instructions. It’s just so simple and obvious what to do that even I, with no assembly or DIY experience whatsoever, found it ridiculously easy to do. There are no parts you need to slot or screw together, you just pop it out and you’re done. It also fits easily back into it’s bag with no faff. This is perfect if you’ve got a tired baby and you’re getting somewhere late at night and just want to get to bed.

Surprisingly, the travel cot actually seems even more compact out of the bag than in. It’s more than big enough for babies of any age, yet isn’t bulky and could easily be put at the side of a bed in a spare bedroom or hotel room without having to move furniture around or use up all the floor space. The SpaceCot also has a cosy feel which is sure to help babies get to sleep easily. Martha doesn’t usually like lying down close to the floor but even she was completely happy and peaceful in the cot!

Hippychick SpaceCot

Bee was sent the SpaceCot from Hippychick for the purposes of this review. All opinions her own.



  1. Lucy
    7 March, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Wow that is a TINY baby! Congrats Big Sister Again Bee!

  2. 30 April, 2017 / 10:36 am

    That looks like a really good travel cot! We had one and it the base/mattress was so hard that our two never slept in it and it was used more as a playpen! This travel cot looks like it has a really good mattress which is brilliant. Great that it is to so easy to put up as well. Looks like a good one to buy for if you need one for holidays as it looks like it is nice and compact for the car boot.

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