Bristol’s Best Dining Experiences

If you are planning to hit the town tonight, why not stop in at one of Bristol’s best places to enjoy a meal? I’ve put together a list of Bristol’s best dining, from casual to special occasion.


Dining Type: Special Occasion / High-End (Menu changes seasonally)

“The four seasons through your senses – taste, sight, hearing, smell, touch;” just as this statement lives on their website, Casamia delivers a full experience with a tasty menu and a gorgeous dining environment. Owned by the Sanchez Group and winner of some restaurant awards, you will not be disappointed with their carefully crafted menu including seafood delicacies and custom twists on classic dishes. Although their menu is set at £98 (a set menu that changes often – check their website for information!), we recommend that you give this spot a try for a tantalising experience.

Afendi Restaurant and Café

Dining Type: Casual, Lebanese 

Places to eat in Bristol

For a casual dining experience filled with delicious and authentic Lebanese food, head over to Afendi Restaurant and Café. They have an extensive menu with options that will please any palate, including vegetarian dishes. They also are known to make a great pizza pie, for those in your friend group that aren’t feeling the Lebanese cuisine. You don’t even have to leave your couch to enjoy food from here; Afendi’s has partnered with Hungry House in delivering their food to your door quickly.

No Man’s Grace

Dining Type: Special Occasion, Desserts, British/European

What started off with humble beginnings as a dessert shop has turned into a full menu hotspot in the dining district in Bristol.  With a flavourful dinner menu and a fixed price lunch, No Man’s Grace has become a trendy location for special occasions or a fancy dessert with your date.  They host a lovely wine selection and the staff will be more than happy to pair your drink with your meal. This location will never disappoint!

Souk Kitchen

Places to eat in Bristol

Dining Type: Casual, Middle Eastern + North African

If you are seeking a bold, non-traditional and somewhat exotic menu with great selection, Souk Kitchen has you covered. Their menu items feature an array of colours, spices, and oddly paired items that work well together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Their brunch menu is what makes Souk Kitchen such a hotspot, featuring your traditional dishes such as French toast and fritters, but also “ras el hanout salmon” and mushrooms on toast featuring duck egg. With some dishes starting at a low £3.50, dining here will be satisfying without breaking the bank.


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