5 super cool windows

I’m a big fan of a window. (And a door obviously.)

I mean sure, everyone is, I know, you need them for light etc. But I really do love them. If you don’t believe me then check me out on Pinterest – I have not one but two boards dedicated entirely to windows. One is generally beautiful windows, the other is coloured windows.

As an example of my window love…

There is this row of houses that I always look forward to seeing when I drive into London. (This doesn’t happen often, so it really is a treat.) I’ve done some research and they were built as artists’ houses with huge, north facing windows to provide consistent good light throughout the day. They are huge and arched, with metal frames, and make the houses look like grand Victorian conservatories.

I really love VELUX windows too – like these – and lived in a house in Bristol where my bedroom and study were both in the attic and had VELUX windows. I used to love lying in bed at night and listening to the noise of the rain on the window, imagining I was camping somewhere exotic, or on a houseboat, or something fun like that.

I saw a picture in one of my (many) interiors books the other day (old school), which I took downstairs to show Belle. It was a big wooden kitchen window that had been painted green. Narrow shelves had been built into the window frame and painted the same colour. They were full of coloured glassware and plants, so that the light came through them and cast pretty colours around the room.

It was rather beautiful.

In a bid to get you to love windows as much as I do, I’ve picked out five of my favourites from my two (count them!) Pinterest boards.







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